Lack of Investments at ELCEN Bucharest Has Negative Consequences

Lack of investments at Electrocentrale Bucharest (ELCEN Bucharest) over the past 4 years has negative consequences on the parameters of hot water and heat supply to consumers, the company informs in a press release.

Sudden drop in temperatures in recent days has generated additional pressure on the old and degraded heating system, which is already facing the extremely difficult mission of dealing with the major technical problems caused by the lack of investments in upgrading. As a result of these problems, the system does not benefit from the necessary flexibility allowing it to quickly adapt to sudden changes in weather conditions.

Failure to carry out in due time the major repair and upgrading works, absolutely essential, has led to a constant degradation of the system and an explosive increase in network losses, with negative consequences on the parameters of hot water and heat supply to consumers. The scale of this serious situation is given by the accelerated evolution of losses in the heating network.

  • In 2016, losses stood at 800 t/h.
  • In 2019, they were approx. 1200 t/h, which indicates a doubling of the value.
  • In 2020, losses were approx. 2200 t/h. They doubled in a single year and tripled compared to 2016.

Moreover, pipe pressure fell progressively in recent years, so that now the network does not have the technical capacity to take over higher pressures, as there is a significant risk of pipe breaking. At the same time, the pandemic crisis caused by the spread of the SAR-CoV2 virus in all sectors of activity was also a factor that contributed to the delay in the implementation of repair and upgrading works.

“We apologize to the inhabitants of Bucharest connected to the district heating system, which is currently facing problems in terms of hot water and heat supply. We assure them that every effort is made to minimize these inconveniences. Works are being carried out constantly and the most efficient and fastest solutions are being sought to cope with an old system in which no investments were made in due time and which is now bearing the consequences. The functioning parameters will improve gradually, so that in the following period there will be a recovery allowing the delivery of heat in appropriate conditions,” stated ELCEN Bucharest representatives.

“Modernization is necessary and there is European money available for this. Immediate start of investments in energy efficiency projects will allow a smooth running of the system, with high yields, losses reduced to the minimum and increased flexibility. ELCEN Bucharest is an important player in the electricity and heat market. It is a component of the National Energy System, contributing to its safe functioning and, at the same time, a critical infrastructure essential for maintaining the vital functions of the Capital. Through modernization investments, respectively in new high-efficiency cogeneration power plants, ELCEN Bucharest will maintain its essential role in terms of local and national energy supply,” the press release of the company also shows.

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