OMV Launches eMotion Brand for Ultra-fast Charging in Electromobility

As a leading company in the field of energy and mobility, OMV is rolling out a comprehensive network of e-charging stations under the brand name eMotion. This launch is one of the next milestones on the path to becoming a net-zero company by 2050, thereby contributing to a successful energy transition.

Over the coming years, OMV will invest in expanding electromobility at its filling stations and other locations in central and eastern Europe. The implementation includes the installation of 2,000 charging points by 2030 in Austria, Romania, Slovakia, and Hungary to offer high-power chargers, with the majority ranging from 150kW to 300kW charging capacity.

Furthermore, the OMV eMotion mobile app will provide electric vehicle drivers with a user-friendly interface to locate nearby charging stations, manage charging sessions, and securely and easily process payments. It will be available by the end of 2023.

“As part of the electromobility transformation, OMV is establishing a comprehensive network of charging points with a focus on fast and ultra-fast charging on the move. As experts in mobility together with a significant retail network, we see it as our mission to offer our customers sustainable solutions that best meet their needs and desires. At the same time, we are succeeding in making a significant contribution to more sustainable mobility,” said Martijn van Koten, OMV Executive Vice President Fuels & Feedstock.

Around a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions in Europe are generated by transport[1], so drivers are looking to reduce their carbon footprint. The European Union is facilitating this transition through policies that subsidize electric vehicle purchase, charging and parking – and adoption is accelerating across markets, with an increasing amount of new car registrations of electrified vehicles in Europe and Austria.

As part of its strategy, OMV is focusing on the transition to a low-carbon business model and aims to position itself as a leading, integrated company for sustainable fuels, chemicals, and materials with a strong focus on circular solutions. OMV targets to be a net-zero company latest by 2050.

“World EV Day (this year on September 9) is a global campaign that aims to shift the dial on the transition to EVs. It works across central and local government engagement, e-mobility business activation, and social media. World EV Day trends on Twitter with over 300 million impressions and is one of the top 10 LinkedIn sustainability channels,” – Ade Thomas, Founder of World EV Day.

[1] Source: European Commission: Transport (

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