Operationalization of Feldioara Branch for the Development of the Integrated Nuclear Fuel Cycle Completed

SN Nuclearelectrica SA (SNN) has completed the operationalization of Feldioara Branch during January-March 2023, as part of its development strategy of the Romanian integrated nuclear fuel cycle.

On December 28, 2022, the acquisition of some assets of the technical uranium concentrate processing stream from CNU Feldioara Subsidiary was completed, as well as the acquisition of a property right on the land related to these assets from the Ministry of Energy, by concession to SNN. The assets that became the property of SNN, through the completion of the transaction mentioned above, were leased to FPCU Feldioara (a subsidiary of SNN) for the operation and start-up of the production process. Between January and March 2023, all the necessary steps were taken to authorise the production process and prepare the facilities for the start of processing.

“The strategic decision to acquire part of Feldioara’s assets necessary for the processing of the raw material was aimed at preserving and developing the Romanian integrated nuclear fuel cycle, the integrated production capabilities in SNN and, to an equal extent, ensuring the production of fuel bundles and the optimal operation of NFP Pitesti and Cernavoda NPP, in the context of expanding the capacity of the nuclear power plant, at an advantageous transaction cost. With EUR 12 billion value investment projects for the upcoming decade, our purpose is to consolidate nuclear capabilities and provide Romania with full investment capacity,” Cosmin Ghita, CEO SN Nuclearelectrica SA, stated.

Simultaneously with the operationalization of Feldioara Branch, a subsequent contract was signed with the qualified supplier Kazatomprom to provide the technological requirements for UO2 production. During the same period, all the necessary steps were taken to transport the technical uranium concentrate and deliver the contracted quantities to ensure the start of production when the subsidiary was completed.

The transport was carried out on the trans-Caspica route (middle corridor) in optimal conditions and in a very short period of time. The realization of this transport and the supply of technical uranium concentrates for the second time on this route confirmed that this option is a viable one and can be strengthened in the future.

“Unit 1 refurbishment, Units 3 and 4 Project, development of Small Modular Reactors in cooperation with the American company NuScale, will contribute with clean energy to Romania’s energy stability, socio-economic development, the development of the nuclear industry and the training of a new generation of engineers. The completion of these projects requires solid nuclear fuel cycle infrastructure and are all overarched by SNN’s mission to reenergize Romania with clean energy beyond the 2030s,” Cosmin Ghita added.

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