TEMSA Will Deliver Electric Buses to Romania

After delivering its first electric bus export to Sweden in recent months, TEMSA is strengthening its position in the global markets through new exports. Having taken part with its Avenue Electron model electric vehicles in the electric bus tender held by Buzau, Romania in July last year, TEMSA won by surpassing its global competitors. Within the scope of the tender, TEMSA will deliver four Avenue Electron model electric buses engineered, developed and manufactured in Adana by 2021. The delivery also includes the procurement of two 150kw and 480kw charging stations to the city.


Engineered, developed and manufactured in Adana

TEMSA’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Hakan Koralp, noted that TEMSA is among the leading companies world-wide when it comes to electric vehicles and said, “We have been developing electric vehicle technologies for many years. With our vehicles that we engineer, develop and manufacture at our plant in Adana, we aim to contribute to the future of transportation and sustainability of our world.ʺ

Koralp expressed that TEMSA will attain much greater success in the field of electric vehicles under the partnership of the Sabancı Holding and PPF Group and with its sister company Škoda Transportation in the future and continued: “We keep on working to strengthen our position in foreign markets, particularly in Europe, with the knowledge of our partners and their competitive power within the international markets. Electrification is presently the most significant topic in the world of transportation. We will continue to develop vehicle technologies that conform it by placing R&D and innovation at the heart of our growth strategy and to export our vehicles with a various product range that is ready for serial production to the world.ʺ


Short charge in nine minutes

  • Avenue Electron that will be on the roads of Romania’s city of Buzau in 2021 was first introduced at Hanover Commercial Vehicle Fair held in Germany in 2018.
  • The vehicle with a length of 12 meters has 35 seats and 85-person passenger capacity.
  • Also, a fast-charging feature is available in the vehicle that can cover a 230- kilometer distance when fully charged. Also, able to travel 90 kilometers with a nine-minute charge. This makes Avenue Electron advantageous particularly in urban transportation.


15% increase in the range with a single pedal

An innovation brought along with Avenue Electron is the single-pedal driving system. Instead of the accelerator and brake pedals together, only the accelerator pedal is present in the vehicle. Connected to the battery, the pedal allows the vehicle to both accelerate and slowdown or even stops when the drivers pull their foot off the pedal. While that technology increases the range of the vehicle by up to 15 percent, it reduces the brake maintenance costs and maintenance times of vehicles.

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