The new AHK tool to promote your business on the German market

Every year, the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK Romania) is in contact with a growing number of German companies in search of Romanian suppliers of products and services. This has led to the development of an online portal dedicated to Romanian suppliers in the various fields of the industry.

The Suppliers’ Portal offers companies in Romania that want to expand their business in Germany the opportunity to find distribution partners, end-customers or to establish new business relationships on the German market.

It is the only tool of this kind in Romania taking into account both the presentation format and the model of its promotion on the German market. Promotion takes place through direct information sent to German companies that have expressed an interest in finding their partners on the Romanian market through AHK multipliers – from local chambers of commerce in Germany to profile associations – and also on the occasion of all events to which AHK Romania will be represented.


Key benefits

  • Visibility in the German space
  • Presentation and promotion on the German market
  • Rich network of subsidiaries and high market penetration capacity
  • Direct contact with German business partners
  • New business opportunities

Members of AHK Romania benefit from the BUSINESS package free of charge. Information about the 3 types of promotion packages is available here.

For further details on the conditions for joining the Suppliers’ Portal, AHK Romania is happy to be at your service.

Do you want to be part of the Romanian suppliers’ portal? Do you want to be a click away from potential German business partners? We are waiting for you! www.marketplaceromania.ro


About AHK Romania

The Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Romania) officially represents the German economy in Romania.

As a bilateral chamber and membership organization, it represents the interests of the Romanian and German companies as well as those of the members before the public authorities, thus being a central actor in the development of the Romanian-German economic relations.

AHK Romania was officially established in September 2002 and currently has over 580 members. The most important function of AHK Romania is to support and promote small and medium-sized enterprises in Romania and Germany, so that they can penetrate easier the German and Romanian markets.

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