Transelectrica Completes the Upgrading of Roman Nord Power Substation

Transelectrica accepted the upgrading works at the Roman Nord power substation, an investment of RON 17mln, made from own funds. The investment objective contributes to the consolidation of energy infrastructure in Moldavia area. Works were performed by ROMELECTRO, having as subcontractor Electroconstructia ELCO Iasi.

The National Power Grid Company Transelectrica has as priority the continuous upgrading of the Power Transmission Grid, by carrying out an extensive investment plan to ensure the safe operation of the National Energy System and, implicitly, to ensure user supply in the best conditions, without interruption.

Completion of Roman Nord substation completes the major project of upgrading the 400 kV Moldavia Axis, together with Bacau Sud, Gutinas, and Suceava substations, upgraded in previous stages. Through the process of upgrading the Roman Nord Substation, started in 2018, advanced technological standards have been implemented, facilitating the automated remote operation, in conditions of safety.

The objective of the investment consisted of the replacement of physically and morally worn equipment with performing equipment and the performance of works to integrate the substation into the Centre for Telecontrol and Supervision of the Installations. Therefore, Roman Nord Substation is representative for the projects carried out by Transelectrica through the solutions of primary and secondary equipment adopted, all state-of-the-art, at the highest level of quality and reliability.

Within the plan for the development of the power transmission infrastructure aiming at Moldavia region, CNTEE Transelectrica in 2021 completed works for upgrading the Bacau Sud Substation and has in progress important investments for upgrading Munteni, Dumbrava and Focsani Vest substations.

Roman Nord Power Substation was commissioned in 1989 and has not benefited so far from any upgrading/retrofitting process.


About Transelectrica

  • Transelectrica is the Romanian Transmission and System Operator (TSO) which plays a key role in the Romanian electricity market.
  • Transelectrica manages and operates the electricity transmission system and provides the electricity exchanges between the central and eastern European countries as an ENTSO-E member (European Network of Transmission and System Operators for Electricity).
  • Transelectrica is responsible for electricity transmission, system and market operation, grid and market infrastructure development ensuring the security of the Romanian power system. It also serves as the main link between electricity supply and demand, matching all the time power generation with demand.

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