Transelectrica’s Iaz Electrical Substation Refurbishment Completed

Transelectrica has completed the refurbishment of the 220/110 kV Iaz Electrical Substation (Caraș-Severin County), with an investment of about RON 62 million, from its own funds.

The works, carried out over 46 months by the Siemens Energy – Electrogrup joint venture, involved replacing existing equipment with state-of-the-art high-performance equipment and technologies and bringing the facilities to a level of safety and reliability appropriate to the area, thus contributing to increasing the quality of the power transmission service. Thus, the Iaz Substation was fitted with new equipment that increased the efficiency of the operating activities and reduced the specific energy consumption and pollutant emissions in accordance with the related legislative provisions and general energy regulations imposed by ANRE. The need for rapid implementation of this investment project for modernization and upgrading was realized taking into account the age of the Iaz substation, which has been in operation since 1975.

The 220/110 kV Iaz Electrical Substation is a connection node within the National Power System through the connected 220 kV lines, being an important objective for the operation of the power system and for electricity supply in the western part of the country.

“It is important not to forget that investment in electricity transmission infrastructure must be prioritised in the same way as road infrastructure, as it has a direct influence on national security and economic development. Moreover, while more than 20 years ago we were only discussing Transelectrica’s role in the National Energy System, today we are discussing an integrated position in the European grid. I therefore welcome Transelectrica’s efforts to transition towards a digitisation of processes in substations. I wish you to complete as many investments as possible, because they are tangible proof that, for the Romanian Government, energy infrastructure is one of the important elements for restarting the engines of the economy,” said Lucian Rusu, Deputy Secretary General of the Government.

“In order to achieve a modern and digital power transmission infrastructure, compatible with European energy-environment standards and policies regarding the achievement of energy efficiency processes, Transelectrica maintains a fast pace of investment in order to develop the grid by carrying out strategic projects with national impact. The implementation of investments such as the one carried out in the Iaz Substation brings us closer to meeting the targets set at European level for the energy transition in the medium and long term. The company has undertaken through its 10-year Development Plan complex programmes of refurbishment and modernization of electrical substations whose role is to optimize the functioning of the National Power System. The refurbishment of this substation and bringing the facilities to a level of safety and reliability appropriate to the area in terms of energy, using the current technology available worldwide, supports the serious commitment to investment and modernisation. In the next period, the company’s growth rate in the investment area will almost double,” added Gabriel Andronache, President of Transelectrica’s Executive Board.

The company is implementing an ambitious 10-year grid development plan, approved for the period 2022-2031, which includes an extensive investment programme worth approximately RON 7.1 billion.

Currently, 59 electrical substations managed by the national transmission operator are being upgraded and refurbished, 14 are undergoing refurbishment, and another 8 stations are to enter the first refurbishment process in the next period. At the same time, transition to the next level of refurbishment and modernisation is being prepared for a large part of those already upgraded.

The National Power Grid Company Transelectrica SA manages and operates a network of over 9,000 kilometres of overhead high voltage power lines (400 kV, 220 kV and 110 kV) and 81 electrical substations in Romania.

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