Transelectrica’s Ungheni Substation Refurbishment Completed

National Power Grid Company Transelectrica inaugurated the refurbished 220/110/20 kV Ungheni Substation, with a total investment of over EUR 10 million from its own funds, the works being carried out by the Siemens Energy SRL – Emsens Prod SRL joint venture. The inauguration ceremony was attended by the prefect of Mures County, Mara-Cristina Toganel, the president of Mures County Council, Péter Ferenc, the mayor of Ungheni, Victor Prodan, as well as the vice-president of ANRE, Gabriel Andronache.

The 220/110/20 kV Ungheni Substation is an energy node with an important role in the supply of electricity to Mures County, but also in supplying a large consumer, namely the Azomures plant. The refurbishment process consisted of replacing existing equipment with new, state-of-the-art equipment that ensures the operation and reliability of the installations at a level of safety and reliability that corresponds to the energy infrastructure in the area, in order to increase the quality of the electricity transmission service.

“We can say with full responsibility that this investment serves both to increase the security of supply of local consumption, but also Transelectrica’s strategic objective of creating the conditions for economic development, by ensuring grid conditions for large industrial consumers. The refurbishment of the Ungheni substation was a challenging project that once again confirms Transelectrica’s serious commitment to modernizing the grid, as demonstrated by the Company’s intense investment pace lately,” says Stefanita Munteanu, President of the Executive Board.

The process of retrofitting the entire substation with high-performance equipment and smart monitoring, diagnostic and remote-control systems was carried out in accordance with ANRE’s general energy regulations and with European requirements regarding the current performance standards for a sustainable energy infrastructure. The completion of this major investment has considerably increased the reliability of service to users of the electricity transmission network, while also contributing to a substantial reduction in maintenance costs.

The 220/110/20 kV Ungheni Substation was commissioned in 1973, acting as a link between the regions of Moldavia and Transylvania.

The transmission and system operator in Romania, CNTEE Transelectrica SA, is focusing on projects to upgrade electrical substations, carrying out an extensive investment programme at national level that will ensure the modernisation of the entire transmission grid. Currently, 59 electrical substations of the total 81 managed by Transelectrica are upgraded and refurbished, 14 are undergoing refurbishment, and another 8 substations are to enter the refurbishment process in the next period.

The National Power Grid Company Transelectrica manages and operates a network of over 9,000 kilometres of overhead high voltage power lines (400 kV, 220 kV and 110 kV) and 81 electrical substations in Romania.

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