Villara Energy Systems and Lumin to Provide High Power Battery Backup with Smart Load Management

Villara Energy Systems and Lumin will provide extended power outage protection and real-time flexibility with the VillaGrid home battery and the Lumin smart panels, a smart load management system. The VillaGrid is the first home battery powered by Lithium Titanate, delivering double the power and twice the useful life of standard lithium-ion batteries.

Lumin turns ordinary electrical panels into smart panels, protecting more circuits against power outages without allowing unintentional energy usage to drain batteries prematurely.

Standard home battery systems are limited to backing up only a few small circuits, but with the power of the VillaGrid and the flexibility of Lumin Smart Panels, homeowners can protect far more circuits—in some cases the whole house—against power outages.

“We’re very excited about this partnership,” said Garrett Woodroof, General Manager of Villara Energy Systems. “The power of the VillaGrid, combined with the flexibility of the Lumin Smart Panel, will empower countless consumers to glide through outages with ease.”

The VillaGrid is charged with solar energy every day with the use of solar panels. Homeowners use the Lumin app to choose which circuits to automatically turn off during a power outage (e.g., the air conditioner), and which circuits to keep on (e.g., the freezer). During an actual power outage, homeowners can use the Lumin app to turn those same circuits on and off in real time. For example, if your battery is fully charged and the solar panels are still producing, you can decide to turn on the air conditioner.

“With the growing number of power outages from natural disasters, it is critical to provide solar and storage users with more cost effective and convenient backup power, allowing homeowners the option to pick and choose what they power and when they power it,” said Alex Bazhinov, Founder and CEO of Lumin. “By partnering with Villara Energy, we hope to change the way people backup their homes by conserving energy in extended outages and finding a balance between comfort and resilience.”

Following this partnership, Villara Energy Systems and Lumin are collaborating on a new home development as a pilot project. The combined system will be included standard on all homes, providing homeowners with backup power for the air conditioner and most of the standard 120-volt circuits.

This partnership is unique for the home energy industry, where typical system performance has fallen behind consumer expectations. Homeowners demand more power and more flexibility, and the VillaGrid + Lumin combination gives them exactly that.

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