CeraPhi and FWM Drawing Energy From ‘Giant Battery’ Earth for Large-scale Geothermal Projects

CeraPhi Energy, dedicated to producing the next generation of geothermal energy, has teamed with specialist well engineering and project management company Fraser Well Management (FWM) to deliver the ‘missing piece’ in the renewable energy jigsaw – using the earth’s heat to produce ‘24/7 cost-effective green geothermal energy’ that can be scaled up by a modular approach.

Plans include reusing redundant oil and gas wells for heat transfer using CeraPhi’s patented technology and FWM’s wells expertise.

Wells would be managed to the end of their productive life repurposing those suitable for geothermal and decommissioning wells and infrastructure where repurposing is not practical or possible.

CeraPhi’s international subsurface expertise and FWM’s renowned experience in well engineering and project management will now develop ‘game changing’ geothermal energy solutions for sustainable heating and power generation in the UK, the US and Europe.

Decades of energy experience are coming together to unlock heat from deep underground to deliver large-scale commercial geothermal energy solutions.

Karl Farrow, CeraPhi® CEO, said CeraPhi’s delivery and execution process is different to conventional geothermal approach, and is geared for modular and scalable projects for power, heating and cooling of cities, the repurposing of oil and gas wells and e-mobility, among other uses.

“Our CeraPhiWell™ uses a single well in a closed loop environment, reducing risk and lowering costs while increasing efficiency in the development of deep geothermal systems,” he said.

“Our technology and processes are about multiple scalable projects and commerciality. As the first fully integrated geothermal delivery company in the UK, we are excited about what’s ahead,” he added.

Nick Ford, managing director of Fraser Well Management, said the company, with bases in Great Yarmouth, Rotterdam and Aberdeen, had been looking at geothermal projects as an increasingly active sector for about six years.

“We see the demand for sustainable and reliable green energy, and deep geothermal is key to delivering this goal. At Fraser Well Management, well construction and project management are key areas of the services we provide. Our collaboration with CeraPhi is a great opportunity to contribute our skills and experience to the energy transition, in a different market.”

“Geothermal is the only true baseload energy available anywhere and everywhere globally. 99% of the earth’s volume has temperatures more than 1000-degrees making the earth one giant battery with enough clean renewable energy to last billions of years,” Karl Farrow mentioned.

CeraPhi Energy’s mission is to unlock heat underground to deliver sustainable, continuous and totally green 24/7 baseload energy under a ‘plug and play’ scalable technology platform.

“It is the missing renewable resource needed for society to reach net zero targets,” Farrow underlined. “By solving geothermal, we are solving energy.”

CeraPhi’s patented technology, innovation experience and best practices from oil and gas help fill the gap between wind, solar and other renewable energy production to complete the sustainable energy picture.

Conventional Geothermal energy is not new and takes heat from beneath the ground. Geothermal energy traditionally needs water or steam ‘aquifers’ under the earth’s surface, where, depending on its characteristics, it can be used for heating or cooling or harnessed for clean electricity, Farrow said. “Surprisingly and given that such a vast amount of staggering energy is trapped beneath our feet, only 15GW of energy is currently commercially produced from geothermal sources in the world today, equal to the daily demand of Wales.” Farrow added.

“A perception is that geothermal has to be somewhere where there is a volcano, like Iceland or New Zealand. That is not so. Temperatures are high underground everywhere. CeraPhi’s well technology allows the use of lower geothermal temperatures to provide power in a similar way to ground source heat pumps and on a far larger scale.”

CeraPhi’s proprietary closed loop geothermal technology and extensive international geothermal experience and FWM’s well expertise will accelerate the worldwide energy transition.

Ceraphi and FWM will work together to ‘repurpose’ end-of-life oil and gas wells by drawing heat from wells using patented CeraPhi technology and FWM expertise.

“The public is looking for alternative green energy, and geothermal is 100% green. Geothermal solutions can be off-grid and on grid, deployable almost anywhere and never dependent on the weather or the season,” Karl Farrow concluded.

Ceraphi and Fraser Well Management are excited to direct their break-through renewable energy collaboration to the U.S. and Canada, where their combination of experience and technology will create new energy from repurposing old wells, saving millions, from the energy cascade, and from expanding e-mobility, creating nearly infinite energy in the years ahead.

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