Greencells strengthens its position in solar PV market

Greencells, one of the largest independent European solution providers for solar photovoltaic (PV) power plants, has concluded a strategic investment with OMAS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Zahid Group, a diversified Saudi Arabian conglomerate – the company announced. As part of the investment, OMAS has acquired a 50% share in Greencells.

Greencells develops, builds, operates and finances utility-scale solar projects. With a track record of more than 1.3 GW of capacity over more than 100 individual projects in 25 countries, Greencells is trusted by many key players in the solar industry. From its roots in central Europe, the company has built a substantial presence expanding into the U.S., Asia Pacific and the Middle East. This includes the supply of the mounting system and construction services for the world’s largest solar power plant, the 1.2 GW Sweihan project in Abu Dhabi, which is currently under construction.

Greencells’ founders Andreas Hoffmann and Marius Kisauer have so far developed and grown the company to its current position without any third-party investment. The investment form Zahid Group substantially strengthens Greencells’ balance sheet and enables Greencells to embark on new strategic opportunities.

“This transaction is an inflection point for Greencells. In Zahid Group and OMAS, we have found a highly reputable and strong partner, whose strategic vision and values align well with ours,” said Greencells CEO Andreas Hoffmann.

“With a solid financial base, we can further strengthen our global footprint, serving more customers with our hallmarks and flexible, modular services, a high-quality product and lean operations to respond quickly in a competitive market. In close collaboration with our new partner Zahid Group and OMAS, we will continue in our mission to make utility-scale solar the world’s cheapest and more scalable power source.”

“Zahid has an extensive history as a leading provider of power solutions in the Middle East and Africa, through the various energy-related companies under our Group. Solar energy is the ideal complement to our conventional power solutions. We have been actively seeking companies to partner with that would fulfil our bold ambitions in the renewables sector, which will be the key future growth driver for power globally. We are pleased to have found a capable management team in Greencells, with an impressive global track record, and look forward to jointly realizing growth and success in this burgeoning industry,” Majd T. Zahid, Group President (Energy) at Zahid Group.

“The Greencells Group will continue its successful strategy of delivering their services out of four regional hubs to serve the world’s growing demand for solar and hybrid power solutions,” the press release says.

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