Huasun G12 HJT Modules Recognized as ‘Top Performer’ by Kiwa PVEL

The Himalaya G12 Series heterojunction (HJT) modules of Huasun Energy has once again been recognized as ‘Top Performer’ in Kiwa PV Evolution Labs (Kiwa PVEL) 2024 PV Module Reliability Scorecard, based on their performance in the Product Qualification Program (PQP) testing.

The ‘Top Performer’ evaluation is based on PQP results, which include six stringent reliability tests: Thermal Cycling (TC), Damp Heat (DH), Potential Induced Degradation (PID), Light- and Elevated Temperature- Induced Degradation (LETID), Mechanical Stress Sequence (MSS), and PAN Performance. These tests provide a rigorous assessment of PV modules and manufacturers, offering valuable insights for financiers, developers, and operators when selecting high-quality modules.

Huasun Himalaya G12 Series HJT modules excelled in the PQP project, showcasing minimal power degradation of no more than 0.05% and 1.53% under high temperatures of 75℃ and environments ranging from -40℃ to 85℃ respectively. Compared to other conventional PV cells, HJT cells utilize n-type silicon wafers to avoid the LID effect, which ensures both durability and efficiency. Additionally, the light-transmitting film enhances UV resistance.

In the PAN Performance, Huasun modules demonstrated a remarkable temperature coefficient of power of just -0.23%/℃, highlighting the inherent power generation advantage of HJT technology.

Furthermore, Huasun HJT modules exhibited exceptional reliability in the MSS, which combines Static Mechanical Load (SML) and Dynamic Mechanical Load (DML) tests with Thermal Cycling (TC) and Humidity Freeze (HF) tests. This simulates the extreme weather conditions PV modules face outdoors. Even after such rigorous testing, Huasun modules, featuring a dual-glass structure and butyl encapsulation, maintained stable and efficient power generation.

Earning the ‘Top Performer’ again underscores the strong power generation capabilities of Huasun HJT modules. Huasun offers industry-leading warranties, including a 15-year product warranty and a 30-year linear power warranty, for its entire range of HJT module products. As global demand for renewable energy grows, Huasun remains committed to providing reliable and efficient PV products, supporting the widespread adoption of green energy and sustainable development.

Heterojunction technology (HJT) is a N-type bifacial solar cell technology, by leveraging N-type monocrystalline silicon as a substratum and depositing silicon-based thin films with different characteristics and transparent conductive films on the front and rear surfaces respectively.

Combining with the benefits of crystalline silicon and amorphous silicon thin-film technologies, HJT technology has excellent photo-absorption and passivation effects, as well as outstanding efficiency and performance. HJT panels are one of the technologies to improve the conversion rate and power output to the highest level, also represent the trend of the new generation of solar cell platform technology.

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