Miros Strengthens Its Solution Offering for Offshore Wind

Miros, the ocean insights leader, has released new applications to optimise operational efficiency and reduce downtime in offshore wind projects.

With a fast expansion in offshore wind parks’ area coverage, the operational teams require accurate real-time information without switching between many displays. The company’s real-time cloud service now includes a unique offshore wind map that enables operational teams to effectively visualise sea state and weather data received from individual turbines across a site. In addition, it grants operators a global view of their wind farms removing the need to access multiple dashboards.

Miros has also launched Data Explorer, a new solution allowing the easy creation of purpose-oriented all-in-one sharable dashboards to analyse real-time and historical data from one or multiple offshore wind sites.

Data Explorer removes the need to access and maintain several data sources. Decision-makers get an immediate complete preview of the most crucial information empowering them to make the best sense of the data, analyse trends, and easily share historical and real-time sea-state insights with different stakeholders.

The offshore wind map and Data Explorer are easy to use and intuitive tools to help operations and maintenance teams to significantly reduce energy consumption levels and emissions caused by cancelled offshore operations due to uncertainties around weather conditions and site access. This supports organisations to reach their environmental and sustainability targets.

A recent Miros study with Trios Renewables and the University of Strathclyde provided evidence of the potential benefits of direct wave measurements for offshore wind farms, estimating that minimising turbine downtime by using live data can save offshore wind operators approximately one million pounds per year.

“Accurate, reliable data is critical to driving environmental impact reduction efforts and developing more effective strategies to reduce operational cost,” Maggie McMillan, Miros’ VP – Renewables said.

“One of the key challenges facing offshore wind operators is accessing turbines at the optimum time to ensure crew safety and operational efficiency and to avoid lost production. Our solutions support operators to access and interpret the right data, at the right time, and in the right way, which is essential to enable informed decision-making for their assets.”

“Analysing data can be a costly and often overwhelming process. Our Data Explorer solution is secure, robust, and intuitive to configure, making it useful in all situations from daily operations to long-term life extension studies, especially for stakeholders engaged in time-sensitive tasks needing to impart critical information quickly,” Aurelia Paraschiv, IoT Product Manager at Miros, added.


About Miros

Miros is a technology company that specialises in measuring the ocean surface. Miros provides real-time wave, current and weather data to stakeholders involved in weather-sensitive operations offshore to increase safety, operational efficiency and optimise planning. The data are offered as-a-Service with easy and secure access from anywhere, anytime on any device. The sea state conditions are measured accurately, irrespective of weather, undisturbed by fog, rain, or water spray using in-house developed, innovative sensor technology which is dry-mounted, IoT and cloud-integrated. Miros has been a trusted provider of reliable ocean surface measurements to the largest players in the global offshore and maritime industry for almost 40 years.

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