Renera Energy’s New Ambitious Project in Romania

Renera Energy Romania, a subsidiary of the Renera Group, is tackling a new and ambitious project: a 37-ha floating photovoltaic system with an estimated power of 50 MW.

With regard to the planned project, department managers had the following statements:

“With the essential support of the authorities, we are turning our dream into reality – the floating photovoltaic project will be the symbol of a collaboration that paves the way for a revolutionary energy future in Romania. With the start of this ambitious project, we will move ever closer to achieving the targets set out in the EU Directive 2413/2023 on the promotion of energy from renewable sources,” Andreea-Geanina Solomonesc, Permitting Manager Renera Energy Romania, stated.

Her colleague, Oana Trihenea, Origination Team Manager Renera Energy Romania, emphasized that: “We are excited to kick-start the development phase and further contribute to the transition to renewable energy in Romania.”

Other active projects spearheaded by the Renera Group include, but are not limited to:

  • Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS). These batteries are capable of storing surplus electricity produced during peak periods—with the system releasing it when energy demand is higher or when renewable energy production suddenly decreases.
  • Ground-mounted photovoltaic parks. These are installed only on non-productive lands.

The Group’s mission consists of making the most of renewable energy by maximizing the space and surface potential. As energy specialists, they collaborate with global partners and clients, in order to unlock the true potential for profitability of any project they encounter.


About Renera Energy Romania

Renera Energy Romania is a Subsidiary of the Renera Group, which encompasses 200 employees in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Romania. Marc R. Steib heads the Romanian subsidiary as CEO. They currently employ 12 people in Romania, but they wish to extend that number to 20, by the end of the year, in order to keep expanding the Origination, Business Development and Permitting/Engineering departments.

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