BP partners with mobility technology accelerator Startup Autobahn

BP has become the latest corporate partner to join Startup Autobahn, the global mobility technology accelerator founded by Daimler, Plug And Play, the University of Stuttgart and Arena2036.

Startup Autobahn identifies start-up ventures from around the world that have innovative technologies and business models, with a particular focus on developments in mobility. It connects them with its corporate partners to facilitate collaboration and accelerate the development of products, services and ways of working that could advance mobility.

“Working with start-ups and other industry-leading companies, BP is seeking to fuel cross-industry innovation and explore and accelerate the development of new advanced mobility technologies and business models. We’re committed to helping provide the energy needed to keep the world moving and working together in partnerships brings valuable insights that can help us advance the future of transportation,” Roy Williamson, Vice President, BP advanced mobility, said.

“To create an effective ecosystem centred on open innovation, we rely on strong and strategic partners. That’s why we are very proud of having BP’s advanced mobility unit join our STARTUP AUTOBAHN program,” says David Neef, Partnership Director of Plug And Play.

Through its advanced mobility unit, BP is actively exploring how changes in fleets, last-mile logistics, electrification and on-demand mobility may shape future transportation. BP aims to be the energy provider of choice for transport. “We provide our customers with advanced liquid fuels and plan to provide the UK’s fastest and most convenient network of home, business and service station ultra-fast charging solutions for electric vehicles,” says BP.

BP Ventures, supporting the advanced mobility unit, has already made a series of investments in mobility technology start-ups. These include investments in:

  • Freewire Technologies, the manufacturer of mobile rapid-charging systems for electric vehicles enabling flexible deployment of charging facilities while building understanding of fast-evolving markets;
  • StoreDot, the developer of innovative battery technology aiming to enable ultra-fast battery charging;
  • China’s NIO Capital US Dollar Fund, exploring investment opportunities in advanced mobility in China; and
  • Powershare, the provider of integrated hardware and software solutions in China that provides an online platform aimed at supporting streamlining of electric vehicle (EV) charging.

In June 2018 BP purchased Chargemaster, the UK’s largest EV charging company. BP plans to begin rolling out ultra-fast charging at UK forecourts during 2019 and opened its first electric charging station in China with 66iFuel.

Source: BP

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