Nokia and UG to Deploy Fibre Services Across South East Europe

Nokia has signed a deal with United Group (UG), the leading multi-play and media provider in South East Europe, to deploy a fibre network and in-home mesh Wi-Fi solution across the eight different countries it operates in. The fibre network will enable UG to extend new ultra-broadband and 10Gbps services to millions of residential and business customers across the region.

Focused on accelerating the broadband coverage it offers, UG will work with Nokia to extend its fibre network into new areas and upgrade existing areas with 10 Gbps enabled infrastructure based on XGS-PON. Based on Nokia’s Lightspan FX series, the rollout will enable UG to deliver new enhanced broadband services to residential and business customers, offer mobile transport services, create new business opportunities such as off-loading mobile traffic and seamlessly evolve toward a virtualized access-network (SDN – Software Defined Networking).

Nokia will also provide UG with its industry-leading portfolio of Wi-Fi mesh enabled ONTs and Beacons to help ensure customers receive an unmatched broadband experience in the home.  With a unique algorithm for intelligent Wi-Fi mesh networks, Nokia’s solution solves potential Wi-Fi issues in real-time to deliver a reliable, whole home broadband service essential for remote working, gaming, online TV, video streaming and downloading content across multiple devices. Additional features also allow UG to monitor in-home networks in real-time and further optimize Wi-Fi settings network-wide.

“We are excited to be the preferred fibre access network equipment provider to United Group and to work with them on this new phase of growth. With our FTTH and Wi-Fi solution, we are able to provide a high-speed, reliable network infrastructure and an unmatched in-home Wi-Fi experience that will meet United Groups subscribers needs today and in the future,” Sandy Motley, President Nokia Fixed Networks Division, said.

“As the region’s leading telecom serving a market of 40 million people, United Group is committed to investing in the most advanced technology in order to deliver our users the most innovative products and services and the best customer experience. We’re also helping to secure Southeast Europe’s digital future by guaranteeing our next-generation network – already the region’s largest – is ready to support the future needs of our users both at home and their places of business,” United Group Vice President Technology Željko Batistić, added.

Overview of the solution:

  • Nokia Lightspan series FX for GPON and XGS-PON services
  • Nokia ONT customer premises equipment and WiFi Beacons


Next-generation PON

Broadband operators around the world are shifting gear and deploying next-generation PON in their fibre networks. Why? Because NG-PON is about more than speed; it’s about opportunity. Opportunity to: converge residential, business broadband and mobile any haul on one infrastructure; accelerate 5G deployments and save 50% on mobile transport costs; generate new revenue streams and improve ROI; delight customers with premium Gigabit and multi-Gigabit services.

Whether you’re planning a new build, a mass migration or some tactical updates, Nokia can simplify your deployment and get you faster to these new opportunities.

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