OPTEX Sensors in the REDSCAN RLS-3060 Series Ideal for the Energy Sector

OPTEX, global leader in the development of detection solutions, announces a new evolution of the extremely efficient detection equipment from the REDSCAN RLS-3060 series, enriched with new functions with the move to version 8, ideal for the oil, gas and energy sectors.

The OPTEX REDSCAN technology became known both through the very good efficiency and special flexibility, and through its capabilities of detecting the entry of unauthorized persons through unconventional access areas and through the excellent skills to protect targets in high traffic areas.

“Based on the design of a virtual laser wall, sensors of this type can quickly and accurately detect the size, speed and distance from the detector of a moving body, all data being processed using a unique algorithm. Therefore, the equipment in the RLS-3060 series are recognized for their excellent performance and for flexibility, as they split the detection area in several sub-zones and are therefore excellent for triggering alarms at the level of PTZ video surveillance cameras. To be able to address several categories of users, with different budgets and requirements, the series contains the RLS-3060L and RLS-3060SH models,” said Dragos Enea, Customer Service Manager OPTEX for Romania and Bulgaria.

OPTEX equipment in the REDSCAN RLS-3060 series were revolutionary at the time of their launch and continue to be some of the best solutions of detection available on the market. Even so, the company permanently works to improve the results and, therefore, it has launched a new version of the software support for these devices. Launching version 8 means introducing a new firmware version, as well as new version for the REDSCAN Manager software suite. Together, the new firmware version 8 and the REDSCAN Manager version 8.0 application extend even further the features of OPTEX sensors in the REDSCAN RLS-3060 series and introduce new configuration options.

With the upgrade to version 8, the more affordable model – RLS-3060L – benefits from 8 sub-areas of detection in the case of IP connection, respectively 4 in the case of analogue connection. Moreover, the form of the detection area can be configured depending on the formation of the site and a masking function is introduced, extremely useful to define or several detection regions, by eliminating those that pose no interest. Also, a mode that ensures the detection of those who linger too much in the monitored area is introduced, with the possibility to preset the limit period by the operator. The more sophisticated model – RLS-3060SH – receives an extension of the detection range from 30 to 50 meters, with the possibility to use the 30-50m range to detect larger targets than those specified for distances of less than 30m. In this way, the performance of detection is improved, and horizontally bodies only 30cm high can be observed if they are at a distance of up to 30m and respectively up to 60cm high if they are at a distance between 30m and 50m. Horizontally, 30cm wide bodies are detected if they are at a distance of up to 30m, respectively 60cm wide if they are at a distance between 30 and 50m. At the same time, both models allow the selection of how to use the dry contact to trigger alarms: N.O. (normally-open) or N.C. (normally-closed). All these improvements are available for the already existing OPTEX REDSCAN RLS-3060L and RLS-3060SH equipment, by simply updating the firmware and the software management solution REDSCAN Manager to version 8.

OPTEX Co., Ltd is a global leader in the development of detection solutions, with OPTEX sensors dedicated to indoor and outdoor surveillance being distributed worldwide. Among the products launched are both wired and wireless detectors, as well as specialized sensors with the role of activating CCTV systems. OPTEX is also the developer of a class I laser detector, dedicated to the most refined integrations of security systems.

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