Thermographic Scanning Portal for Persons – Human Thermal Gate 1920

UltraVision Consult, together with Topalis Engineering, launched the human temperature scanning solution using non-intrusive thermographic technology, Human Thermal Gate 1920, in order to ensure for areas with critical activity, such as the energy sector, continuity in the activities.

The Human Thermal Gate 1920 portal is suitable for crowded access points such as: airports, public transport stations, hospitals, hotels, prisons, schools, kindergartens, exhibitions, sorting and control points at borders, factories, public places and other types of transit spaces. Together with Topalis Engineering, UltraVision Consult has created the Human Thermal Gate 1920 solution for areas transited by a large flow of people, being used for rapid detection of human body temperature and real-time analysis of associated risks. A competitive player in complex projects regarding the creation and implementation of integrated IT solutions for security, automation and SCADA, UltraVision Consult holds in its portfolio top technologies developed in partnership with prestigious and experienced international brands.

“Business continuity is essential in the period to come, and through these solutions we address the business environment to ensure the protection and safety of employees, strictly following the rules of prevention and the ways to highlight certain risks that guarantee the functioning of the critical sectors,” said Florin Marica, CEO, UltraVision Consult.

Essentially, thermographic cameras measure the infrared energy emitted by the human body from a distance, so measuring the temperature of the human body is made very easy, in real time, with no inter-human physical contact needed to perform the scan.

By using Human Thermal Gate 1920, access is extremely fast, with no blockages, avoiding queues that can pose a real danger. In addition, risk detection is done in real time, being easy to use, to handle and to install in access points. It allows the continuous, permanent and regular monitoring of the persons who are part of the emergency structures indispensable in this period, such as medical care, security, police, army, firefighters, critical service providers for the population and so on.

The standard technical equipment of Human Thermal Gate 1920 includes:

  • Fully customized gate (DTP and printing included);
  • The thermographic sensor with the following characteristics:
  • NETD sensitivity <50 MK;
  • Range of detection: from -40° Celsius to +550° Celsius, usable in the industrial field;
  • Operating warranty: MTBF for 80,000 Hours/up to 8 years;
  • Motion detector;
  • UPS and stabilized power supply (220Vac IN);
  • Wi-Fi access point for remote monitoring and parameterization;
  • Local monitor for directly supervising all measurements/alarms.

For extended equipment you can additionally choose:

  • Local powered speaker to emit voice/sound alarms;
  • LEDs with red light, visible locally, for alarm;
  • 6MPx visible video camera with wide angle – 45-60 degrees, for audit/recording/overlay;
  • Remote operator station (28-inch screen, keyboard, USB for local saves);
  • 4G router for full remote operation;
  • Thermometer (IR/contactless) for advanced control doubling;
  • Kit for organizing the line of people using retractable strip pillars.

The solution is a specific implementation based on Artificial Intelligence, it works decentralized, and thanks to the open platform it can be easily integrated with other systems. Using Human Thermal Gate 1920, companies have the opportunity to provide protection to employees in a non-intrusive manner and without side effects, the equipment being used as a preliminary triage system. Scanning the persons passing through a defined perimeter and identifying those with the specific symptoms could be a first step in stopping the spread and saving these people, who could benefit in a timely manner from specialized evaluation, diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Awareness of management teams, both decision makers and administrators of public and private spaces, is a key point in the general effort to reduce exposure and limit the spread of the virus.

UltraVision Consult is an integrator of security and access control solutions, being the only distributor in Romania and in Central and Eastern Europe of the software suite AppVision PSIM, an open platform for unifying technologies and equipment from different brands in the market, which ensures operator information, supervision, command and process control in a unitary way.

App Vision allows the achievement of excellence technological configurations in the development of a professional security solution. In a complex market, with hundreds of system manufacturers, often incompatible, UltraVision brings together through AppVision the most competitive brands, through a unique control and management system.

Daniel Lazar

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