Getac B360 Laptop Ensures Mobility in All Circumstances

Since 1989, Getac has been providing rugged computing solutions for demanding professionals in extreme environments, Getac was established as a joint venture with GE Aerospace to supply defence electronic products, but also for special areas like energy sector or utilities. During the time, Getac offers rugged computing which revolutionize the market of rugged equipment, such as the first 7” rugged tablet in the world, the first tablet with ATEX ZONE II/22 certification. So, we were curious to test a Getac’s laptop and we have Getac B360, one of the last launched at the middle of 2020, which is available in Romania through the local distributor – ELKO Romania.

For rugged technology, Getac B360 has only 2,32kg, which it is not hard at all for a 13.3” rugged laptop – so it is a very portable model. And the product meets the standards MIL-STD-810H and MIL-STD-461G, it is certified IP66 and ANSI/ISA 12.12.01, which allows it to operate in almost any environmental conditions.

From the design point of view, Getac B360 stands out and does not compromise on resistance at all. It was possible thanks to the case made of an alloy based on aluminium and magnesium, which feels remarkably great on touching.

From the computing point of view, Getac B360 it is quite common. This model benefits from an Intel Core i5 10210U processor but could be also a Core i7 processor from the 10th generation. Clocked at 1.6GHz (up to 4.2GHz Turbo), it comes with 8GB of DDR4 RAM and a 256GB SSD, which gives it enough computing power for the fields of utilities or army. Also, here we can extend its memory to 16/32/64 GB DDR4, and 512GB/1TB/2TB PCIe NVMe plus SATA 256GB/512GB/1TB/2TB.

The B360’s screen is a 13.3” IPS Full HD panel that offers outstanding image clarity and wide viewing angles that were predictable. Its special character is the maximum brightness of 1400cd/m2, which guarantees perfect readability in any ambient lighting conditions, perfect for outdoor use. In addition, it comes with a touch control stand, plus a stylus, useful to avoid dirty touch.

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Robustness and Extended Autonomy

Another special feature for this rugged laptop is the battery, which has been replaced in this case with 2 batteries that are easy to replace. It was preferred 2 instead of one which allows the user to replace one of them when it is empty, allowing work without any interruptions, along with the high autonomy provided. The measurements show that the B360 allows up to 12 hours of web browsing via WiFi or Full HD video playback, which makes it available for a full day’s work, plus overtime.

The model can operate at ambient temperatures between -290C and +630C, being at the same time resistant to strong water jets and falls from heights of up to 2m. This explains, among other things, the coverage of connectors with watertight protective caps and rubberized edges.

There is much more to say about Getac B360 – a laptop that must not only meet the requirements and needs of users, but also take into account the particularities of the environment in which it is to be used, considering the trends in terms of design of the moment. Although it seems like an impossible mission, B360 did a great job, scoring in all the key points. Basically, it is the most successful combination of elegance, performance, and endurance of the moment, which recommends it to all specialists who work in adverse environments, needing rugged computing technology.

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