Donations in the Fight Against COVID-19

Companies in the energy sector had a rapid response in the fight against the new COVID-19 coronavirus and allocated important amounts for the acquisition of medical equipment, sponsorships for public entities or even the profit made in this period. Find below a selection of companies which have decided to get involved in the life of communities in this way.

ROMGAZ has provided financial support worth RON 3,980,000 to Sibiu County Emergency Clinical Hospital to expand and equip the clinical section Anesthesia and Intensive Care in order to prepare for the treatment of COVID 19 patients.

“We continue the fight against the new type of coronavirus through constant investments for the health of the local community! We have decided to allocate this money to support the medical personnel and help patients affected by COVID-19. We support local authorities, the central administration and all the factors involved at national level, because only together, by merging our efforts, can we overcome this period of crisis. I take this opportunity to thank especially the President of Sibiu County Council and the Management Board of the County Hospital for the good collaboration and involvement in supporting the local community. Their example is one to follow! We need to change the paradigm and make sure that the constant, sustained investment in the community health will continue in the long run. It is time to invest more in health to be able to provide a climate conducive to the development of future generations. In the following period we will support other medical units that need all the support in this fight with an unseen, but fierce enemy,” CEO Adrian Volintiru said.

The present financial contribution continues the series of financial support for the Sibiu County Emergency Clinical Hospital, which has benefited over the past three years from amounts for the acquisition of medical equipment and devices, the Ophthalmology Section, the Anesthesia and Intensive Care Unit and the Cardiology II Section, of around RON 2,600,000.

Since the onset of the state of emergency, ROMGAZ has supported the Romanian Red Cross to purchase and distribute 1,000,000 medical masks for protection against COVID-19 and to intensify the effort to combat the spread of the new Coronavirus on the territory of Romania, by amplifying the national campaign of information and awareness of the population regarding the methods of prevention of infection with the new COVID-19.

OMV PETROM supports the intervention of the Romanian Red Cross in the COVID-19 pandemic with a donation of EUR 1 million. The funds will be used to purchase 10 COVID rapid testing equipment and 300 testing kits. Due to the revolutionary technique, the devices have a high degree of accuracy, eliminate the risk of contamination and reduce waiting times for a result from 24 hours waiting time on classic devices, to 40 minutes waiting time to finding the result of a test on the quick testing equipment.

KMG INTERNATIONAL, through the subsidiary Rompetrol Moldova, will donate 6,500 litres of fuel to local authorities in Chisinau, Soroca, Hancesti, Balti and Ungheni. The fuel will be allocated to the municipal authorities directly responsible and involved in the disinfection of public places, the delivery and assurance of medical products and equipment, as well as in the transfer of medical staff to hospitals and resting places.

KMG International, through its subsidiary Rompetrol Bulgaria, made a donation of 10,000 liters of fuel to all Bulgarian authorities involved in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The donation is coordinated by the National Union of Municipalities of Bulgaria, and the fuel will be sent in more than 20 localities throughout the country, such as Varna, Burgas, Plovdiv, Ruse or Stara Zagora.

“KMG International is involved and supports the authorities to minimize the effects of the pandemic in all affected countries where Rompetrol brand is present. Now, when social distance has become a norm, we need to stay together in solidarity, and support all public endeavors to overcome the situation generated by COVID-19”, says Ivaylo Trendafilov, General Manager of Rompetrol Bulgaria.

Rompetrol Bulgaria’s gas stations continue to operate under enhanced security measures. In the context of the rapid development of coronavirus, the company’s top priority is to ensure the protection and security of its employees and their families, as well as full support and preventative measures for all associates and clients using Rompetrol products and services.

HIDROELECTRICA shareholders decided to sponsor seven medical institutions, with emergency units, with the total amount of RON 10,033,000. The decision was made as a result of the exceptional risk situation for the public health generated by the spread of the new coronavirus and in the context of the constant increase in the confirmed number of persons infected on the territory of Romania.

“Supporting the Romanian hospitals has become the number one priority in the sponsorship policy of Hidroelectrica. We all see in these moments the stringent needs of the national medical system, of those who are in the first line of the fight against the pandemic. We are by doctors’ side in the incredible effort they make to heal the sick and protect the vulnerable. We have heard the call for help and we answer: we know that there is a great need for first aid equipment, protective equipment, cleaning materials, sanitary equipment, disinfectants and other essential items used to protect patients and the personnel. It is time to be united. Only united in a common effort and proving responsibility can we return as soon as possible to the world we knew, to the normal of the day-to-day life,” said Bogdan Badea, President of the Management Board.

ENEL ROMANIA joined the efforts of the medical teams, in order to support their fight against COVID-19 and their struggle to heal the infected patients. Therefore, Enel Romania, through its supply and electricity distribution companies, donated EUR 100,000 to support the activity of Bals Hospital. The company has donated other EUR 100.000 to the Emergency Fund, for the acquisition of the necessary medical materials and equipment. The donation was made through the Association for Community Relations, which has created the Emergency Fund to help coordinate and cover the local medical needs with the available resources and to provide direct financial support for urgent needs.

ENGIE ROMANIA supports first line healthcare professionals and patients affected by the new coronavirus with a financial contribution of EUR 250,000 directed to several organizations: Romanian National Red Cross Society, Daruieste Viata and HOSPICE Casa Sperantei.

ELECTRICA, through its electricity supply, services and distribution companies, supports the effort of the medical personnel against the spread of the new coronavirus and has donated EUR 240,000 to support hospitals in Bucharest, Ploiesti, Brasov and Cluj.

ELECTRICA FURNIZARE contributes with approximately EUR 90.000 for the purchase of single-use sanitary masks.

SIMEA Sibiu is the first SIEMENS company in Romania to support the medical system in the fight against COVID-19, with the amount of EUR 20,000.

PETROTEL-LUKOIL supports the Ploiesti County Emergency Hospital in order to purchase sanitary protection materials. The refinery is together with the Prahova community, as well as the entire Romania, in the attempt to defeat the COVID-19 virus.

CONPET has decided to support the Ploiesti County Emergency Hospital with the amount of RON 100,000 to purchase ventilators for anaesthesia and intensive care in order to carry out in optimal conditions and maxim safety the medical activity within the hospital, in the current epidemiological context.

ROMPETROLKMG INTERNATIONAL supports the Romanian health system in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, by donating fuel for emergency medical transport, financing research and purchasing equipment, testing kits and materials needed for medical units.

TINMAR ENERGY donates 100,000 Euro to several associations and to the Cantacuzino Institute for medical equipment in response to the COVID-19 epidemic.

“The donations supported by the company are a call for solidarity and civic responsibility in the context of the reality we are facing. It is important to make a common front in order to help the authorities by respecting restrictions, the medical staff and the hospitals, on the front line, through the speed with which we act and we are involved humanely and financially in order to pass this crisis period. I believe it is our duty to contribute and help the public health system to save as many lives as possible. We are convinced that this difficult challenge we are facing globally can be overcome by a positive attitude, pragmatic but also based on empathy towards those in difficulty,” said Augustin Oancea, founder and CEO of Tinmar Energy.

MONSSON TRADING, a supplier and trader of electricity and natural gas, donates to hospitals in Constanta two ventilators and a COVID-19 quick detection system, worth a total of EUR 140,000.

RESTART ENERGY, a Romanian electricity and natural gas supplier to companies and households, is among the first companies in Banat to immediately answer to the call to support the activity of Victor Babes Infectious Diseases Hospital in Timisoara in the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. “We have decided to donate the entire profit made in Banat, since the beginning of the year, as well as throughout the current crisis, to the Victor Babes Infectious Diseases Hospital in Timisoara, in order to purchase consumables and equipment necessary to care for the hospitalized patients, to endow physicians with protective equipment and for programs to limit the COVID-19 epidemic. We estimate the total value of the donation for 2020 to amount to approximately EUR 50,000 and we hope our engagement model will be taken over by other entrepreneurs and as many companies as possible,” said Armand Doru Domuta, CEO Restart Energy.

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