First Kindergarten in Romania Renovated to nZEB Standards

The Zig-Zag kindergarten in Ovidiu, Constanta County, has recently benefited from expansion and modernisation works to nZEB standards, through the ‘Romania Eficienta’ programme, being the third educational unit in Romania included in this programme. The allocated budget amounted to EUR 1.5 million.

The upgrading works of this educational unit, which included the strengthening of the structure, the extension with two new classrooms, as well as the energy refurbishment to nZEB standards, were carried out through the ‘Romania Eficienta’ programme, run by Energy Policy Group (EPG) and financed by OMV Petrom, with the support of PPC and the Ovidiu Town Hall. Thus, the almost 100 preschoolers will enjoy modern conditions that support the educational act and ensure the comfort of children and teachers during their activities, with significantly reduced operating and maintenance costs.


Focus on education

As OMV Petrom CEO Christina Verchere notes, education starts with children: “If we want to teach people energy efficiency, we have to start with children, they go home and educate their parents. This is how we can create change.”

“Our project starts from education,” underlines Radu Dudau, EPG President and coordinator of the ‘Romania Eficientă’ programme. “This is a younger generation that is much more aware of its own future and the consequences for decades to come of today’s actions. The new generation of children will understand, from kindergarten, the advantages of a modern, comfortable, energy efficient building,” Radu Dudau commented.

“From chalk to marker and then to smart board” is a natural process in the vision of Mayor George Scupra, who said that modern education in Ovidiu will continue with new modernisation projects at the local high school, secondary school, and educational institutions in the villages of Poiana and Culmea.

The same will continue with the ‘Romania Eficient’ programme, dedicated to educating children about energy efficiency, a model to be replicated throughout the country.

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