Siemens Supports Chimcomplex’s Electrical Substations Modernization

The rising energy prices, as well as interruptions in consumer supply, are the major challenges of the chemical sector. That’s why Chimcomplex sought a reliable partner to create an intelligent energy infrastructure, ready for the future.

Chimcomplex chose Siemens smart solutions for the modernization of electrical substations. “They help us monitor and analyze electricity consumption more easily, leading to greater predictability,” stated Narcis Eduard Floricioiu, Deputy Chief Officer at Chimcomplex. A rapidly completed and impactful project of energy efficiency for the Chimcomplex plant in Ramnicu Valcea!

Chimcomplex has clear sustainability goals and aims to ensure a net zero energy transition and modernisation of the entire electricity grid. Siemens provided an integrated solution, which included NX Air circuit breakers, SIPROTEC 5 secondary equipment and a SCADA system SICAM A8000 and SICAM SCC.

Through its expertise in digitalisation and technologies proven in the chemical industry based on its commitment to sustainability, Siemens can integrate its own solutions in real or digital environments.

“Through the flexibility and stability of the SCADA system provided, as well as the robustness of the medium-voltage cells, the risk of power supply interruptions is significantly reduced,” Andrei Secelean, Head of Smart Infrastructure Siemens Romania, emphasized.

Chimcomplex is a consolidated company with growth potential and a market value of between 2 and 2.2 billion euros, considering both multiples of EBITDA in the chemical industry and the value on the stock market.

Chimcomplex is today the largest producer of green hydrogen in Eastern Europe, with an annual production of over 6,000 tons. It is the only company in Europe’s 10 SE countries with real potential to use hydrogen as a raw material for green chemicals.

Currently, projects of over 55 million euros are in the final execution phase and projects worth over 125 million euros are being prepared and started.

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