Third Public Educational Unit Modernized Through ‘Romania Eficienta’ Program Supported by OMV Petrom

OMV Petrom and Energy Policy Group (EPG) completed the structural strengthening, extension and energy efficiency works at the Zig-Zag Kindergarten in Ovidiu. This is the third educational unit in the country to be upgraded to the nZEB standard – nearly zero-emission building, as part of the ‘Romania Eficienta’ program. The budget for upgrading the building amounted to EUR 1.5 million.

“Buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption in the European Union. Renovating existing buildings can lead to significant energy savings and lower CO2 emissions. Through ‘Romania Eficienta’ program we want to increase the quality of life, educate future generations, and demonstrate that energy can be consumed responsibly. The new face of the Zig-Zag kindergarten is a proof that ‘Romania Eficienta’ can make a difference and we continue to support it, working closely with our partners and local authorities,” Christina Verchere, OMV Petrom CEO, said.

“With the inauguration of the renovation and modernization of the Zig-Zag kindergarten in Ovidiu, the ‘Romania Eficienta’ program is already at its third extensive renovation to nZEB requirements of schools in Romania. The complexity of the work was unparalleled, involving the construction of a new connecting building to a former decommissioned heating substation, which was thus integrated into the whole educational unit, providing valuable additional space for the kindergarten’s educational activities,” stated Radu Dudau, President of EPG and coordinator of the ‘Romania Eficienta’ program.

With the completion of the refurbishment works, the 1950s Zig-Zag Kindergarten building has been upgraded from energy class E to the highest energy efficiency class A. Total annual energy consumption will be reduced by more than 60% and carbon emissions will be about six times lower. The exterior insulation, the installation of energy-efficient joinery and the installation of a hybrid centralized climate control system with heat pumps all contribute to this result. Also, part of the kindergarten’s energy needs will come from its own sources thanks to the new photovoltaic panel system equipped with inverter and smart meter.

The works carried out by the ‘Romania Eficienta’ program consisted of:

  1. Reinforcement of the building’s resistance structure
  2. Construction of a connecting building between the kindergarten building and the former heating substation
  3. Expansion of usable space with 2 new classrooms
  4. Thermal insulation of roof, exterior walls, and floors
  5. Installation of energy-efficient exterior and interior joinery
  6. Installation of a hybrid centralized climate control system with heat pumps, gas boiler and underfloor heating
  7. Rehabilitation of the domestic hot water plant
  8. Replacement of the electrical installation and fitting of a lighting system with LED luminaires
  9. Installation of a modern ventilation system with heat recovery
  10. Installation of a photovoltaic panel system equipped with inverter and smart meter
  11. Installation of electrically adjustable aluminium sunshades on bright sunny windows.

As a result of the extensive project carried out through ‘Romania Eficienta’, the Zig-Zag Kindergarten will be able to offer children and teaching staff a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment, and operating and maintenance costs will be greatly reduced.

The ‘Romania Eficienta’ program, run by EPG and funded by OMV Petrom, will continue with new projects for the energy renovation of educational units in Romania, educational activities, and events, as well as information campaigns with the objective of increasing energy efficiency in buildings.

So far, the budget for the three modernization projects under the program amounts to around EUR 4 million. The first unit renovated through ‘Romania Eficienta’ was the ‘Elie Radu’ Energy Technological High School in Ploiesti in 2022, followed by the Liliesti Secondary School in Baicoi (Prahova County) in 2023.


About ‘Romania Eficienta’

‘Romania Eficienta’ is a nation-wide private project carried out by Energy Policy Group (EPG) in partnership and with funding from OMV Petrom. The project started in the summer of 2019 and consists of carrying out a national program for the promotion of energy efficiency. ‘Romania Eficienta’ aims to support achieving Romania’s targets for 2030 in terms of reducing carbon emissions and increasing energy efficiency, both through information and education campaigns, and by carrying out concrete major renovation projects in public schools in different regions of the country. More details can be found on the website


About Energy Policy Group

Energy Policy Group (EPG) is an independent, non-profit think-tank specializing in energy and climate policy, market analysis and energy strategy, founded in 2014. EPG contributes to a technologically advanced, sustainable, and socially acceptable energy system. EPG also promotes long-term decarbonization policies and measures in all economic sectors: energy, buildings, transport, industry, agriculture.


About OMV Petrom

OMV Petrom is the largest integrated energy producer in Southeastern Europe, with an annual Group hydrocarbon production of approximately 41 million boe in 2023. The Group has a refining capacity of 4.5 million tons annually and operates an 860 MW high-efficiency gas-fired power plant. The Group is present on the oil products retail market in Romania and neighbouring countries through approximately 780 filling stations under two brands – OMV and Petrom.

OMV Petrom is a company in which, as of end-2023, Romanian shareholders hold over 43% of the shares (of which the Romanian state, through the Ministry of Energy, holds 20.7%, and 22.5% are owned by pension funds in Romania, to which are added almost 500,000 individual investors and other Romanian entities). OMV Aktiengesellschaft, one of the largest listed industrial companies in Austria, holds a 51.2% stake in OMV Petrom, and the remaining 5.6% are held by other foreign investors. Of the total shares of OMV Petrom, 28.1% represents the free float on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

OMV Petrom is one of the largest contributors to the state budget, with approximately EUR 42 billion in taxes and dividends paid between 2005 and 2023. During the same period, the company invested approximately EUR 18 billion.

Since 2007, OMV Petrom has included corporate responsibility principles into its business strategy. Between 2007 and 2023, the company has allocated around EUR 160 million to develop communities in Romania, focusing on environmental protection, education, health, and local development.

On 29 July 2020, OMV Petrom announced its support for the recommendations issued by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) regarding risks and opportunities on climate change. OMV Petrom annually reports on the progress made in implementing these recommendations.

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