New Challenges and Opportunities for ACER

In January 2020, the newly appointed Director of the European Union Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) – Christian Pilgaard Zinglersen, began his mandate. Also, the newly-elected Chair of the Agency’s Administrative Board – Jochen Penker, will soon begin his mandate. This change of management comes at a particularly crucial moment, as in 2020 the Agency will strongly focus on the implementation of the Clean Energy Package and on its enhanced tasks and responsibilities. As such, the Agency will also contribute to Europe’s decarbonisation efforts and the goals of the European Green Deal.

“It is a great honour for me to serve the Agency as second Director and succeed the great work done by Mr. Pototschnig. Many challenges and opportunities are awaiting the Agency in the next months, with the implementation of the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package, as well as with the recast of the ACER Regulation, which has enhanced the Agency’s coordination powers and allocated new tasks and responsibilities. The Agency is called to continue delivering high quality results in a punctual and transparent manner, and will strengthen communication with European and national policy makers, regulatory authorities, energy stakeholders and consumers. It is important to raise awareness at all levels about the key role of the Agency in delivering a single, competitive, efficient and sustainable European energy market, as well as its contribution to the goals of the European Green Deal,” Christian Pilgaard Zinglersen affirmed.

“I am looking forward to support the Agency in my role of Chair of the Administrative Board of ACER. I strongly believe in the role of the Agency in completing the internal energy market to the benefit of all European consumers. The effective and efficient implementation of Union law will contribute in achieving the Union’s climate and energy goals. ACER is built on the principles of inclusiveness, independence, solidarity, integrity and sustainability. We will work to guarantee that ACER is enabled to perform its mandate to ensure that those principles going at the heart of the Union are implemented. I look forward to cooperating with the Agency’s Director and his team, the Members and Alternates of the Administrative Board, as well as the Board of Regulators,” Jochen Penker added.

“The Agency will face important challenges and opportunities in the near future. We have full trust in its capacity to deliver which relies on the strong support the Agency will receive from the national regulatory authorities. We are ready to tackle the new challenges ahead in the most effective and transparent way. The Board of Regulators is looking forward to starting a constructive cooperation with the new Director and the Administrative Board,” Clara Poletti, Chair of ACER’s Board of Regulators, stated.

The Agency is responsible for coordinating and complementing the work done by national regulatory authorities at Union level. It plays a central role in the development of Union-wide network and market rules, enhancing competition and the integration of the single EU energy market for electricity and natural gas. It also ensures the well-functioning and transparency of the market, preventing any type of manipulation or abusive behaviour.

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