DigiTEL Green, Transelectrica’s Plan to Help Reduce the Environmental Footprint

New Contract Worth EUR 48mn

The DigiTEL Green pilot project is an investment effort in line with European energy policies and directives, undertaken by Transelectrica to develop and modernize the energy infrastructure by adopting state-of-the-art technological solutions and equipment that contribute to reducing the environmental footprint.

Included in the Power Transmission Grid (PTG) Development Plan for the period 2022-2031, the investment in Transelectrica’s project portfolio will contribute to reducing the environmental impact and transitioning to a sustainable and efficient energy infrastructure.

The projects included in the mentioned Transelectrica plan are aimed at objectives such as the implementation, testing and validation of concepts, methodologies, standards, and best practice elements. These projects, grouped under the name DigiTEL, include:

  • ‘Pilot Project – Retrofitting the 220/110/20 kV Alba Iulia substation into a digital substation concept’ – DigiTEL Alba Iulia
  • ‘Pilot project – Retrofitting the 220/110/20 kV Mostistea substation into a digital and low environmental impact concept’ – DigiTEL Green
  • DigiTEL Smart Vision Pilot Project – ‘Increasing safety in operation and maintenance activities at Domnesti substation using digital technologies’
  • DigiTEL Smart Lines Project – ‘Optimization of the operation of existing 400 kV OHLs in the NPS, used in interconnection and for power evacuation from Cernavoda nuclear power plant and renewable energy plants in Dobrogea, by installing on-line monitoring systems (Smart Grid type)’
  • DigiTEL Trafo Expert Project – ‘Purchase and installation of 21 integrated monitoring systems for transformer units in CNTEE Transelectrica SA substations’
  • DigiTEL 3D Line Vision ‘Lidar and 3D scanning of Transelectrica targets using drones’


Retrofitting of Mostistea substation into a digital concept

Transelectrica has signed the tenth Modernisation Fund financing contract, namely for the implementation of the ‘DigiTEL Green Pilot Project – Retrofitting of the 220/110/20kV Mostistea substation’, with a non-reimbursable value of EUR 48 million.

The contract was signed by Energy Minister Sebastian Burduja and Transelectrica’s CEO Stefanita Munteanu. The investment project proposes a state-of-the-art technological approach and involves transforming the substation based on a 100% digital and innovative concept with low environmental impact. The total value of the project is more than EUR 57 million, of which the non-reimbursable financing from European funds is EUR 48 million, through the Modernisation Fund.

“This financing supports the national power system upgrading projects promoted by the Ministry of Energy, one of the key priorities I have been stating since taking office. Digitalisation is a prerequisite for green energy that protects the environment and promotes efficiency. Energy of the future means high-performance technologies, which we will continue to finance at an accelerating pace. The Modernisation Fund is the guarantee of Romania’s development and the transition to a new paradigm of energy transition: decarbonisation, decentralisation, digitalisation. I remind you that the objectives of Romania’s accession to the «Global Renewables and Energy Efficiency Pledge» are to triple the world’s renewable energy production capacity and double energy efficiency by 2030. The mission I have taken on as Energy Minister is not about the next elections, but about the next generations,” Sebastian Burduja said.

“In the context of an accelerated energy transition, the current European financing mechanisms offer substantial support in terms of investments to be made in the coming years in energy, and Transelectrica is ready to access all the possibilities offered. With the signing of the contract for the Mostistea Substation Retrofitting, we have 10 projects with non-reimbursable financing from the Modernisation Fund, with a total value of over EUR 470 million. Mostistea Substation is the second project of a substation retrofitting into a digital concept, after Alba Iulia Substation, a project that also benefits from financing from the Modernisation Fund. The company’s commitment to investment and to the sustainable development of the power transmission grid to achieve clean economy goals is evident. With the signing of this financing contract, aligned with the European strategic objectives on sustainable development, Transelectrica marks a step forward in terms of sustainability and innovation in the national energy sector. It is a clear proof that we remain committed to supporting all energy infrastructure transformation efforts throughout the transition to a climate neutral economy,” added Stefanita Munteanu, Chairman of Transelectrica’s Management Board.

By adopting environmentally friendly practices and technologies, the Mostistea substation will be retrofitted through the integration of advanced digital technologies that will optimise specific operations and will ensure an own energy consumption within the facility from renewable sources, thus contributing to the increase of energy efficiency through the implementation of the nZEB (nearly Zero Energy Buildings) concept. The investment project will have a major impact on the power transmission grid, as the benefits of a 100% digital electrical substation, as the Mostistea substation will be, will contribute to the reliability and performance of the system. The 220/110/20kV Mostistea substation was commissioned in 1974 and has not been upgraded until now.

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