New Global Alliance for CO2-negative Methanol

After decades of consistent development in the field of CO2-technologies, the most important license agreement for OBRIST aFuel®, cSink® and OBRIST DAC® technologies was signed, marking an important milestone in the history of OBRIST Technologies.

The license agreement was signed between OBRIST Group founder and President Frank Obrist on behalf of OBRIST Technologies GmbH, CEO Thomas Wu on behalf of EWU TECH LIMITED and CEO Eduard Meister on behalf of DSE GREEN TECHNOLOGY HOLDINGS.


OBRIST becomes the global technology provider for aFuel®, cSink® and OBRIST DAC®

The signed agreement includes a license for OBRIST technology/intellectual property pool for the world’s first CO2-negative energy carrier aFuel® based on methanol (both synthetically and biologically produced), the carbon sink technology cSink® as well as its proprietary direct air capture technology OBRIST DAC® and all related patents. The license that has now been granted is valid worldwide.


Billion-Euro investment volume for initial projects in Africa, Asia, and the United States

OBRIST Technologies has been working closely with EWU TECH LIMITED and its sister company DSE GREEN TECHNOLOGY HOLDINGS for some time now. Together, the companies are now pursuing the goal of implementing OBRIST technologies in definitive projects in Namibia, Egypt, Thailand, and the USA. An investment volume in the double-digit billion-euro range has already been secured in these countries. The projects will be implemented in the coming months.

In the USA, the clear focus is on using the biologically based technology of OBRIST in the field of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). In this regard, EWU TECH is cooperating with leading European logistics companies to ensure a sustainable supply in America.

“We have managed to win over the world’s leading technological consortium for the global realization of this innovative ‘BELOW ZERO’ technology,” said Frank Obrist, delighted with the milestone achieved, which heralds a new era for the company. “With this technology, we can actively reduce the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere for the first time.”

“This is an important signal for the industry! Only by implementing new, innovative solutions will we achieve the 1.5-degree target and more together,” added EWU TECH CEO Thomas Wu. “We have created a platform here that will enable us to produce sufficient volumes of ‘BELOW ZERO’ fuels in the future, and at economically and financially attractive conditions.”

“The technology of OBRIST creates the conditions for us to soon be able to move on land, in the air and on water in a CO2-negative way. ‘BELOW ZERO’ mobility will soon be feasible and economical worldwide and is already technically mature. Existing vehicle fleets and the necessary refueling infrastructure can be converted in the short term. This is the path that we are taking together, and that the global community must take for the benefit of humanity,” Eduard Meister noted.


Strategic alliance with Abu Dhabi’s largest sustainability fund

The above-mentioned partners have signed a Memorandum of Understanding together with Global Enterprises Limited. The MoU was signed between Frank Obrist on behalf of OBRIST Technologies GmbH, Thomas Wu on behalf of EWU TECH LIMITED and CEO Mohamed Elsamad on behalf of Global Enterprises Limited. This strategic alliance will promote the technology of OBRIST worldwide and jointly develop, design, plan, finance and build CO2- negative methanol production plants.


About OBRIST Group and OBRIST Technologies

The OBRIST Group is one of the world’s leading technology providers in the fields of engineering, mobility, and sustainable industrialization around CO2-negative energy sources. OBRIST Technologies is already in a position to offer globally functioning and honest emission-free electromobility as well as sustainable solutions for the global energy supply and to make a decisive contribution to global ‘defossilization’.


About DSE

Based in Namibia, DSE owns and builds pioneering cutting-edge technologies that are transforming the economics of sustainable manufacturing solutions. The DSE consortium, consisting of over 25 European technology partners, is a global solution provider for giga- scale green energy production, water electrolysis, green steel, and base chemicals.



The shareholders of EWU TECH, Thomas Wu and Eduard Meister, have decades of experience in the development and implementation of internationally sustainable projects. EWU TECH has extensive project experience in the People’s Republic of China, Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, Africa, Brazil, Mexico, and the United States of America. EWU TECH’s shareholders have successfully helped numerous Fortune Global 500 companies around the world and high-growth companies realize their goals.


About Global Enterprises Limited

Global Enterprises is strategically headquartered in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) and is recognized as a pioneer in sustainable investing. As the region’s leading green fund and asset management company, GEL is committed to driving sustainable development through investments that are strictly aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

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