Mirico Joins Industry Consortium to Guide European Methane Emissions Regulation

With the Global Methane Pledge launched at COP26 and new regulation being developed to cover Europe, Mirico ’s methane emissions monitoring solution was showcased as part of an EU led project by Enagás in Spain.

Driven by the EU commission’s objective to develop legislation by the end of the year to reduce methane emissions in the energy sector, the project aimed to understand how site-level monitoring solutions can help gas infrastructure operators reduce methane emissions from their assets and inform new regulations.

Mirico’s site-wide monitoring solution successfully detected, localised, and quantified simulated leak events from a range of different sources, operating reliably even in inclement weather. The high sensitivity measurement capability also baselined the background emission rate of the site.

Mirico quantifies greenhouse gas emissions across entire industrial sites with just a single instrument through continuous wide-area monitoring. Data is collected and analysed in real-time, delivering rapid insights to operators about emissions at their facilities. Automatic alerts are raised upon detection of anomalous events enabling faster response times, reducing maintenance costs, and minimising emissions.

“It was great to showcase the reliability and high performance of our industry-leading greenhouse gas measurement capability at a time when the energy industry is accelerating emission reduction targets,” said Mark Volanthen, chairman of Mirico.


Detect, localise, and quantify fugitive emissions

Fugitive sources contribute significantly to emissions from industrial sites, so keeping emissions to a minimum is critical to compliance and reputation management in well run facilities.

Mirico’s technology enables autonomous monitoring of fugitive emissions and troubleshooting of large areas to ensure your site and equipment are optimised and profitable.


Key benefits

Compared with conventional methods of monitoring emissions, Mirico’s Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy technology offers:

  • Accurate, precise, and reliable measurements
  • Consistent performance in adverse weather conditions (rain, fog, snow, dust)
  • Large area coverage with simple, robust equipment with minimal maintenance
  • Autonomous and continuous monitoring
  • Real time data for immediate analysis

With Mirico, fugitive emissions can be detected, localised and quantified to maximise uptime, maintain safe operations, avoid costly false alarms and minimise environmental impact.

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