OMV Petrom Joins the Sustainability Academy

OMV Petrom is the new partner of the Sustainability Academy, the first social and educational platform in the sustainability field dedicated to microenterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Romania.

Because education is the first step towards change, OMV Petrom supports the efforts of the Sustainability Academy, an initiative launched this year in May by Social Innovation Solutions. OMV Petrom was the first company in the Romanian energy industry to publish an independent sustainability report in 2012. Today, sustainability is fully integrated into the business strategy. OMV Petrom is transitioning to low-carbon emissions businesses, responsible operations, innovation, digitalization, and supporting people and communities.

The Sustainability Academy prepares SMEs to adapt, adopt, and leverage sustainability trends, which can have a positive impact on both their business and the community they operate in. SMEs have access to the entire educational content, completely free after creating their account on The platform’s courses include 11 learning modules and a small sustainability dictionary. In addition to these, participants have the opportunity to join a community of professionals and entrepreneurs in the field of sustainability. Right there, they can collaborate and share their best practices and challenges.

“We are pleased to support the Sustainability Academy and Romanian SMEs in their journey towards future requirements. We are aware that it is important for sustainability to be integrated into the business strategy. And it is essential that the right partners embark on this journey together. We believe that SMEs play a key role in the sustainable development of society, and to reach their potential they need a community through which they can access global resources, quality expertise, and potential investors,” says Alina Petrescu, Director of Communication and Sustainability, OMV Petrom.

Within the Sustainability Academy, entrepreneurs can learn about obtaining green financing, environmentally adapted taxation, innovations and circular economy, and reporting requirements in the field.

“The whole world, not just the business world, is constantly changing. Small and medium-sized businesses that invest in sustainability have the best chance of adapting to new regulations, the new requirements of investors, and perhaps most importantly, the new expectations of consumers. The Sustainability Academy brings together the resources, solutions, and changes we need in society, and we are pleased to have partners with us who themselves have the resources needed for change and want to be part of the solution,” adds Ciprian Stanescu, president of Social Innovation Solutions.

Over 800,000 SMEs generate 50% of the total turnover of the Romanian business, according to Trade Register data. They are an important part of the local economy and need to understand that sustainability is a valuable opportunity for their business.

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