A brighter spectrum after SPE RSOM 2018

On 8th September took place the long awaited South-Central East Europe 2018 Regional Sections Officers Meeting (RSOM) of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) in Paris, France.

The registration was massive, 10 countries (Austria, Croatia, Italy, France, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, UK) were represented by 37 participants to the RSOM, coming from 8 different Sections and 10 Student Chapters.

The SPE Romanian Section was represented by an important delegation: Dragomir Alexandru – SPE Romanian Section Chairperson; Florea Minescu – Professor at Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti; Laura Precupanu – SPE Romanian Section Secretary; Manuela Badea – SPE Romanian Section Treasurer; Tudor Catanoiu – SPE Romanian Section – Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti Student Chapter Former Vice-President; Cosmin Ghita – SPE Romanian Section – University of Bucharest Student Chapter Chairperson.

The Agenda of the event had the main purposes to allow everyone exchange good practices, disseminate the daily issues of Oil and Gas (O&G) industry and find answers to all unclear facts about SPE at a local, regional or global level.

The event started with the welcome message, from SPE Regional Director for South, Central, and East Europe, Jean-Marc Dumas, which created a constructive atmosphere, followed by the introduction of participants. This part was followed by the keynote speakers Johana Dunlop – HSSE Technical Director and Member of SPEI Board of Directors, Phil Chandler and Ola Davies – SPE London Office, who made an update of SPE International and SCEE Regional.

On the second part of the event every representative had the time to highlight and debate the hottest topics in Oil and Gas industry nowadays and to show his organization (National Section, Student Chapter or Young Professional) strengths by presentations in a new and revolutionary way, called Pecha Kucha style.

A couple of topics discussed were: Educating and representing our industry to the public; Promoting embracement of digital technology/revolution in O&G; Volunteerism an enduring principle of SPE; Enhancing collaboration between SPE and academia; Collaboration between SPE and O&G related organizations; Preparing students for PetroBowl or Student Paper Contest or Being successful in awards nominations. The output of this discussion was tremendous, giving the opportunity to all representatives to implement the good practices discovered and to mitigate the effect of the daily issues.

The meeting was closed by the long-awaited award ceremony. We are highly proud to announce that two of the SPE Romanian Section members and one of the most supportive companies of this section received the following regional awards:

  • Professor Florea Minescu from Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti: Reservoir description and dynamics regional awards 2018;
  • Liviu Stefan Firu from OMV Petrom: Production and operations regional awards 2018;
  • Romgaz: Distinguished corporate support regional award 2018.

The SPE Romanian Section is really grateful to the host SPE French Section and SPE Regional Director for South, Central, and East Europe, Jean-Marc Dumas, who facilitated such an amazing event and proved once again that the SPE gathers the most dedicated and motivated professionals.

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