Odfjell Drilling’s 45th Anniversary

On 8 February 2018, Odfjell Drilling celebrated its 45th Anniversary as a separate company. The business was founded in 1973 but boasts maritime roots that stretch back to 1914 and experience of the petroleum industry that began in the mid-1960s. Since its foundation, Odfjell Drilling has demonstrated its ability to conduct successful drilling operations in some of the most demanding environments on the planet.

The foundation of Odfjell Drilling & Consulting Company A/S on 8 February 1973 was, however, the culmination of a bold initiative in an area that was practically unknown territory in a Norwegian context.

When the first licence round for the Norwegian Continental Shelf was announced in 1965, the shipping company Odfjell saw opportunities in the North Sea and joined Norwegian Oil Consortium (NOCO), which was awarded ten blocks. However, in the early seventies, the company decided to turn its focus from oil production to drilling and initiated together with Aker the first Norwegian designed drilling rig, the Aker H3.

When Odfjell in 1973 decided to hive off the offshore business into a separate company and founded Odfjell Drilling and Consulting Company, the company had already two Aker H3 units in order. The first Deep Sea Driller was delivered in 1974, the second Deepsea Saga in 1975.

Odfjell Drilling operates two separate business units with area-specific expertise and proven performance levels within their fields. Drilling & Technology is a leading contractor in the production drilling and engineering market. Odfjell Well Services (OWS) is a major North Sea player and a global provider of casing and fishing services, well bore cleaning and tool rentals.

Odfjell Drilling’s Service and Rental division was expanded with Odfjell Casing Services in 1982 as a major provider of tubular running operations on 20 rigs in Canada, Netherlands, UK and Norway.

Today Odfjell Well Services is a significant player within tubular running, rental and well intervention services established in Europe and the Middle east with hundreds of skilled, highly qualified and engaged employees working around the globe.


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