Romania-USA Strategic Partnership: Pillar of Stability and Common Values

“The anniversary of the 25 years of Strategic Partnership between Romania and the United States of America gives us the opportunity to an in-depth exploration of the benefits that resulted from signing this document and the steps taken in implementing the partnership, as well as the level we wish for the Romania-USA bilateral relationships in the future. After a quarter of century, we no longer talk strictly about concrete foreign policy elements, but about stability and common values between the two states,” said Andreea Negru, PhD in Economics, President of the Association for the Development of Local Entrepreneurship, ADAA. After the visit made within the economic mission ‘Shaping the Future for a Better Tomorrow’ in the United States of America, she talked about strengthening the Romanian-American economic relations in sectors of bilateral interest, on specific topics, with significant impact on decision-makers and directly involved companies.

“Major developments in the bilateral dynamics, also giving the tensed regional context lately, have proven the strength of the bilateral relationship between the two states, the maturity of the Strategic Partnership between Romania and the U.S., which has now reached an unprecedented level of cooperation,” said Andreea Negru.

Regarding the bilateral contacts lately, the ADAA president emphasized the importance of exchanges of opinions within the meetings held on the sidelines of the working visits to Washington D.C. with H.E. Andrei Muraru, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Romania to the USA, where he participated in the reception ‘The U.S.-Romania Trade and Business Partnership’, on which occasion the priority areas of sustainable development for Romania in the current geopolitical context, the strategic cooperation and further strengthening of bilateral relations between the two states were discussed. At the same time, within the Energy Security & International Trade Summit, the discussions focused on the importance of the energy sector.

The high-level meeting with the Consul General of Romania in Los Angeles, Cosmin Dumitrescu, together with officials of U.S. Commercial Service, U.S. Department of Commerce, participation in the largest economic forum in the western half of the U.S. – Select LA Investment Summit, visit to Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development, Irvine Chamber of Commerce, which consists of companies that exceed as assets and revenue of one trillion dollars and on the New York Stock Exchange provided a comprehensive understanding of the investment ecosystem in the United States of America. The economic mission also targeted interinstitutional cooperation at central and regional levels through direct meetings with local and regional authorities in California, the fifth largest economic power globally.

“Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the launch of the Strategic Partnership captures a very encouraging picture of the already vibrant bilateral relationship between Romania and the United States of America. The United States are definitely the most important partner of Romania in terms of ensuring security. But the relationship of friendship and partnership between our nations includes much more than political and defense cooperation. The economic mission in the American states of California and Nevada highlighted the strengthening of much more comprehensive bilateral relationships, in which cooperation between Romanian and U.S. central, regional, and local authorities is synchronized and harmonized with the economic and commercial cooperation between the companies and organizations of the two partner and friendly countries,” said Cosmin Dumitrescu.

“Romania will remain in the future the same loyal, consistent, and trustworthy partner of the USA, and the meetings held echoed this, once again. U.S. companies show increased interest in Romania in key development areas,” said Andreea Negru.

For his part, the Consul General of Romania in Los Angeles wanted to specify: “The warm relationship and the reception of the delegation of representatives of Romanian companies and authorities showed that the relations between countries and authorities are motivated and strengthened by the concreteness and common interest of the direct cooperation between the Romanian and American economic and commercial actors, as well as by the direct and warm relations between people. I congratulate all those involved in the largest Romanian economic mission organized in the western half of the USA and I personally thank on behalf of the Consulate General of Romania in Los Angeles each participant for the efficient cooperation and professionalism they show”.

During the meetings held in the United States of America, ADAA president opened a dialogue with the U.S. companies on subjects of common interest, such as: energy, digital transformation, and economic diplomacy.

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