Adrem Group Celebrates 30 Years of Impact in Energy

The Adrem entrepreneurial group celebrates 30 years of activity and impact in the energy industry this month. For 30 years, Adrem has been contributing to the development of the global metallurgical industry, to the development of the energy industry, and to Romania’s energy transition, with a long-term commitment to the fight against climate change, to sustainable development and to supporting our country in its transition towards a society that is more responsible towards people, the environment we live in and the resources we use.

The Adrem company was founded in 1992 by Adrian Bodea, who set out on the road with the dream of modernizing the Romanian industry and was joined by his brother Corneliu Bodea, who is today CEO of the Adrem Group. Together through thick and thin, the two brothers have taken Adrem to the top of the metallurgy and energy industries, playing a defining role in the energy transition, supporting the transition from an outdated fossil fuel-based system to a modern, sustainable, efficient, and automated system.

“I am happy that after 30 years, I can say that I have fulfilled my dream. We have brought innovation to the market, contributed to the development of our economy and society, and helped modernize the metallurgical and energy system in the countries where we operate. We are proud, excited, and at the same time grateful for everything we have accomplished with care and respect for the environment and communities. I hope that in the next 30 years, through everyone’s involvement, we will witness a sustainable industry, a cleaner environment, a greener future, and a thriving planet that we can leave as a legacy to our children,” said Adrian Bodea, the founder of Adrem.

“I am extremely excited and grateful to have reached 30 years of activity. We are in a moment of maturity, fulfillment, stability, when we rethink our priorities. I am glad that during this time we succeeded to contribute to the modernization of the energy system and to the development of a vital industry such the energy is. Because energy has an inestimable value, it represents life, it provides us with comfort and gives us extraordinary experiences that we would not have otherwise experienced. But we must also to do something. We must be responsible and take care of the resources that the planet offers, we must have respect for the environment and for those around us. That is why, in the long term, we made a commitment to the fight against climate change, for the sustainable development and the supporting of Romania in the energy transition, for our contribution to a cleaner, more welcoming, more beautiful planet, for our future and the generations to come,” added Corneliu Bodea, CEO of Adrem.

Since 1992, Adrem has been supplying degassing plants and metallurgical equipment globally, with over 50% market share in the field, operating on four continents. The company currently has over 40 degassing plants and over 300 pieces of metallurgical equipment in its portfolio, as well as a unique patented liquid steel vacuum technology.

Moreover, Adrem’s portfolio includes some of the largest energy security projects in Romania and in the region: the automation of the BRUA (Bulgaria-Romania-Hungary-Austria) gas pipeline; the automation of the DN600 Ungheni – Chisinau gas pipeline, which has proved vital in the current context of military conflict in the region; and the automation of the new bi-directional Isaccea natural gas metering station, capable of importing and exporting natural gas from Ukraine to Bulgaria and vice versa. Smart grid digitalization, renewable energy, and e-mobility projects remain a priority for the coming years and Adrem’s contribution to Romania’s development.


Adrem 30 in figures

  • Over 6,200 sustainable partnerships with Romanian and foreign companies
  • Over 1,000,000 smart meters installed nationwide
  • Over 90 million euros in salaries for employees in Romania and Switzerland
  • Almost €60 million support in communities
  • Over 1000 employees nationwide
  • More than 200 children were born in the Adrem family nationwide

In Romania, the Adrem group is structured to achieve the three major objectives of the fight against climate change: decarbonization, decentralization of energy production and digitalization of industry, set at the European level. It offers products, services, and solutions for energy efficiency and smart consumption dedicated to the energy sector.

“The real challenge facing mankind today is the fight against climate change, which must be supported by a change of mindset about energy, its importance, and how we should produce and consume it. Adrem plays a key role in preparing Romania for the energy transition and in changing the mentality towards sustainable consumption. That is why, in the long term, we are committed to sustainable development and to supporting Romania in the energy transition, with a focus on the fight against climate change, respect for the environment and our society, for a cleaner planet,” concluded Corneliu Bodea, CEO of Adrem.


About Adrem

The Adrem Group supports the transition to renewable energy through its offer of solutions and services dedicated to the energy field, through the three companies – Adrem Invest, Adrem Engineering and Adrem Link – each specialized in its market segment. Over 1,000 employees from 18 counties provide the expertise and skills needed to plan, develop, and implement turnkey solutions, customized to the needs of their customers, covering projects across the country. For 30 years, Adrem has been offering their customers products, solutions and services dedicated to the energy field.

Adrem Invest has as main objective the security in the operation of the utility networks.

Adrem Engineering aims to increase the security of energy infrastructure by developing and implementing comprehensive solutions – from the development of entrepreneurial projects to the design of in-house equipment.

Adrem Link’s main goal is to provide consumers with security and comfort by developing products and solutions that increase efficiency and ensure intelligent energy consumption.

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