PNE’s ‘PPA as a Service’: Supporting Renewable Energy Projects

  • 107 projects reap the financial benefits of short and long-term power contracts
  • Rising demand among industrial clients and large-scale power traders

The PNE Group achieved a major milestone in 2023: more than 100 wind and photovoltaic project companies are now supported through its consulting programme ‘Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) as a Service’.

In 2023 alone, PNE’s PPA team supported 39 wind and PV project companies with a total output of over 337 megawatts in concluding short and long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), thereby increasing the total number of renewable energy projects it supports to 107.

Through its ‘PPA as a Service’ programme, PNE acts as a PPA broker, helping plant operators to find suitable marketing solutions, negotiate and conclude contracts, while also providing support when it comes to putting specific features of the PPAs into operation.

As a link between the plant operator and the electricity purchaser, PNE contributes to ensuring attractive terms and conditions even for smaller renewable energy projects. PNE’s powerful network and significant volume in the electricity market enables it to support customers in reducing their carbon footprint so that they can meet their individual renewable energy targets.

Those purchasing green electricity have included both large-scale European electricity traders and also industrial customers, who increasingly opt for green direct supply solutions in connection with their individual sustainability strategies. In this way, PNE is establishing itself as a partner for innovative and needs-based solutions between plant operators and industrial companies.

“With its successful PPA deals, the PNE Group is securing its leading role as a consultant and broker for PPAs,” says Nils Kompe, Head of Energy Supply Services and PPA Management at PNE AG. “Further negotiations on the conclusion of PPAs are in the pipeline, so we’re anticipating a brokered energy volume of up to 3 terawatt hours by the end of the year.”


Maximum flexibility for renewable energy plant operators

For many wind farms, state subsidies under the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) will expire in the coming years. Many operators are asking themselves whether it will be possible to continue to operate economically. Together with selected marketers, PNE has developed Power Supply Agreements (PPAs) that are designed to meet the flexibility requirements of operating de-subsidised systems. This ensures the continued operation of the old systems for a period of several years. If repowering is an option, this time can be used to obtain all the necessary permits.

Due to the increased market prices, new systems and plants that are still receiving EEG tariffs can also benefit from PPAs. PNE offers EEG wind farms the opportunity to secure potential additional revenues for the coming quarters or years. The tailor-made design of the PPAs gives predictability in planning for the (continued) economic operations of the systems.


Attractive electricity prices for wind farm or PV system

Negotiating and concluding PPAs requires a high level of electricity market expertise. This includes a thorough analysis of market conditions, consideration of price volatility and assessment of risks. With its ‘PPA as a service’, PNE offers comprehensive support for renewable energy operators to provide them with financial hedging opportunities including in volatile market phases.

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