Romgaz Commemorates 10-year Listing Anniversary on BSE

Romgaz, the largest producer and main supplier of natural gas in Romania, celebrates the 10-year anniversary of its listing on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BSE), under the ticker symbol SNG. The company shares have been traded on the stock exchange since 12 November 2013. On 13 November 2023, the company capitalization was RON 17,9 billion, which makes it the 4th largest listed company, by capitalization.

“This is a special day marked as a landmark in our history – a decade of stock exchange listing for Romgaz. This stage accounted for a commitment towards shareholders, mainly by increasing transparency and taking a decisive step towards a sustainable and responsible development. Our team showed perseverance and tireless work, yielding value for shareholders on an ongoing basis. This success would not have been attainable without the support and trust of our investors, who stood by our side at every stage of the company’s development. In the decade since its listing, Romgaz has achieved peak performances in the natural gas industry. The quoted price of the Romgaz shares on the stock exchange has reached the historical maximum of RON 52.2/share during the trading session of 27 June 2022, which has led to a top capitalization of RON 19.93 billion. Investors’ increased interest was due to the fact that Romgaz acquired a stake in the Neptun Deep perimeter, as well as to the outstanding financial results achieved by the company. We have succeeded in strengthening our position as a key player in the energy sector by maintaining our commitment towards stability and safety in the supply of natural gas. With a forward-looking vision, our wish is to adjust our business model to the current challenges and opportunities. Our commitment is not focused only on meeting the current energy demands, but also on ensuring a cleaner and more sustainable energy future for the future generations,” stated Razvan Popescu, Romgaz General Manager.

“We are celebrating one decade of operation on the local exchange of a company seen as a benchmark in the Romanian economy, Romgaz, which has an extensive background, laying the foundation for the natural gas industry in Romania. Today, firmly anchored in the dynamic of the present times, Romgaz is the largest producer and main supplier of natural gas in Romania, implementing national projects and diversifying its business, thus standing out as an example of a successful issuer which draws the attention of institutional investors. At the Bucharest Stock Exchange, Romgaz, whose major shareholder is the Romanian State, is one of the most traded companies, while its shares cover a significant rate in the BVB indexes. Given the good liquidity of SNG in the last period, we hope to soon see Romgaz also present in the indices of global index provider FTSE Russell for emerging markets, and we also expect Romgaz to play an important role in the potential promotion of the Romanian capital market to emerging market status from MSCI. With a stock capitalization increase of 52% compared to its IPO, with a total yield of 171%, Romgaz is definitely an illustrative example of the performance a State-owned company can achieve on the Bucharest Stock Exchange,” noted Adrian Tanase, CEO of the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Romgaz was listed on the BVB Regulated Market on 12 November 2013, after it had successfully implemented a cumulated initial secondary public offering of RON 1.7 billion, on the local exchange and the London Stock Exchange. For Romania, the company listing was one of the highest offers for sale of shares gained by the Romanian State through BVB. In the 10 years of listing, investors have performed over 549 thousand transactions with over 326 million shares, amounting to more than RON 10 billion. At the end of the trading session on Friday, 10 November, the capitalization of Romgaz amounted to RON 17,9 billion, which means over 50% increase compared to the capitalization from the IPO. Also taking into account the dividends distributed by the company over these years, the investment made in SNG shares has brought a yield of 171% since listing to date, while the yield of the company share price is 52%. In the 10 years since listing, the company has distributed dividends worth RON 13.4 billion. The largest shareholder of Romgaz, with 70% shareholding, is the Romanian State, through the Ministry of Energy.

Since December 2013, Romgaz has been added to the BET reference index of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, which includes now top twenty most traded companies on the local exchange. It has also been added to the BET-XT, BET-BK, and BET-NG indexes. In the BET-NG sectoral index, which shows the trend of companies listed on the BVB regulated market, whose core business is energy and related utilities, Romgaz ranks third, with a rate of 17.37%. The company shares are also included in the BET-BK, BET-TRN, BET-XT, BET-XT-TR, BET-XT-TRN and BETPlus indexes. Moreover, Romgaz shares are included in the MSCI Frontier IMI (Investable Market Index) indexes dedicated to frontier markets. Since 16 May 2023, Romgaz has benefited from the Issuer Market Marker services provided by Raiffeisen Bank International.

Romgaz is also a partner in the BVB Research Hub project, which is an initiative of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, launched as a platform offering fundamental analysis reports about the companies listed on the local stock exchange, information, and educational materials about capital markets and ESG data.

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