7 oil & gas giants have found their home in Ploiesti West Park

Celebrating ten years of activity in Romania, the business card of the largest industrial and business park in South-eastern Europe, developed by Belgium’s Alinso Group, includes: an investment of several hundred million euros, 50 renowned companies that offer jobs just a few miles from Ploiesti, thousands of employees, social involvement and excellent relationships with local authorities and community.

7 oil & gas companies are also carrying out their activity within Ploiesti West Park (PWP). These are: General Electric – Lufkin Industries; Schlumberger; Halliburton; Oil Services Limited Eastern Europe; Odfjell Well Services; Lubbers Romania and Saipem.


What once was a simple arid area on the outskirts of Ploiesti has become, in less than ten years, an example of best practice in terms of development, concern for the environment and social involvement. To understand the size of the investment coming exclusively from foreign capital 100% private, we recall some of the important companies that chose to become partners of Alinso Group, investing in Ploiesti West Park: Unilever, General Electric – Lufkin Industries, Toro, Federal Mogul, Timken, Beaulieu International Group, Saipem (Eni Group), Schlumberger, Halliburton, British American Tobacco and Rockwool, the list being completed up to the 50 companies that currently occupy the business park.


Strategic position, endowment at European standards and direct connection with the Black Sea

With Romania’s accession to the European Union and the positive signals received from this part of Europe, the Belgian group has participated with over EUR 100 million in setting up the area covering 300 hectares of land, the current size of the park. Companies have been attracted by facilities offered here, which include complete services, from security, construction adapted to client requirements, consulting and assistance to relocation and utilities at European standards. Other arguments that convinced foreign investors to bring in Prahova hundreds of millions of euros was the strategic position of the region, which is an important traffic hub that links to any area of Europe, on both road and rail. Any type of freight transport can leave on the railroad of the intermodal rail terminal developed by Alinso Group, with direct connection with the Black Sea.

“Over ten years of activity in Romania, more than 50 clients have entered the park, all with the mission to create value and an inspiring working environment. More than 2,000 employees are happy to work in this park every day and many other jobs have been created outside the park. Our company has a precise goal, and that is to create jobs that inspire and motivate, develop creativity, everything in harmony with the environment. We are proud of the flexibility and multifunctionality of our facilities,” says Ivan Lokere, CEO of Alinso Group.

“Domo Investment Group decided in 2008 to invest in Alinso Group in a business park near Ploiesti. At the time, it was a risky investment, of over EUR 130 million, based on confidence that the economic development of the region and attractiveness of investments in Ploiesti could be excellent for production and services. It was also essential that the regional and national authorities have maintained their support for this effort. Business parks can remain attractive for potential investors seeking opportunities in a very competitive market only if excellent services are provided to these clients. I believe Ivan Lokere and his team have done a great job in this regard. The Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium is proud to point to this investment as an example of the excellent economic relations between the two countries within the European Union. This is a win-win situation, not only for business, but also for Ploieşti and the region,” said Thomas Baekelandt, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to Romania.


Growing investments

Investments will not stop here. Moreover, Bogdan Toader, President of Prahova County Council, has provided investors with assurances on the support of the institution he runs and local authorities for business development.

The situation of investments near Ploiesti is summarized by the President of Prahova Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Aurelian Gogulescu, as follows: “Ploiesti West Park has set a new standard in terms of business parks. I remember with pleasure, joy and emotion what happened ten years ago, when I was honoured to attend the opening ceremony of this beautiful investment, during which NATO Secretary General Willy Claes, who had a memorable speech, said, among other things, that this investment would mean very much for Romania and that it would reach the figure of one billion euro. Honestly, at that time, I found the figure slightly exaggerated, even utopian, as it was the moment when the doors were being opened for the economic crisis that had become visible for Romania as well. But, after ten years, it has become the largest private industrial park in South-Eastern Europe, of the 300 hectares 200 being already occupied, with an investment of almost EUR 800 million and with 2,500 jobs. Companies from almost 40 states, with activity in various business areas, have established here,” Aurelian Gogulescu mentioned.

The story will certainly not stop here, especially that more and more investments are announced in the area.

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