First LNG and CNG Filling Station in Petrom Network

OMV Petrom has entered a partnership with Vulcangas Romania for opening liquefied and compressed natural gas filling stations. The first one is expected to be operational in 2025 and will be installed at a Petrom filling station located in Chitila Sat, Ilfov County. This station will supply light and heavy transportation vehicles. Other future filling stations will be installed depending on the evolution of LNG and CNG demand in Romania.

“Through this partnership, we continue to diversify our mobility offer for medium and long-distance freight transport, by supporting the growth of the LNG and CNG market. Natural gas can be a viable option for the transition to cleaner transportation,” Radu Caprau, member of the OMV Petrom Executive Board, responsible for Refining and Marketing, said.

“We value the collaboration with OMV Petrom in order to bring our expertise and experience in providing LNG/CNG solutions to the Romanian market. Our focus on innovation, sustainable development and quality and safety-based services for all our customers makes us share the same values with our partner OMV Petrom. Having all these tools and shared values at hand we can become, together with our partner, important players on the Romanian LNG/CNG market,” Costantino Amadei, Vulcangas Romania administrator, added.

LNG/CNG freight transportation generates approximately 15% less CO2 emissions, 50% less SOx emissions and almost no heavy particulate emissions. A truck fuelled by LNG/CNG can benefit from an autonomy of up to 1,600 kilometres.


About Vulcangas Romania

Vulcangas Romania is a subsidiary of Società Italiana Gas Liquidi S.P.A., founded in 1978 by Fabbri Family, a top supplier of natural gas and LPG solutions in Italy.

Società Italiana Gas Liquidi S.P.A. ‘Vulcangas’ with headquarters in Rimini is a leading company in the Small Scale LNG distribution sector in Italy and Europe, which has been working constantly, for over 40 years, to offer the best services to its customers.

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