Gold at the World Youth Invention and Innovation Award for 2 Romanian Students

Andrei Stefan Dulgheru Oprisescu, a student of Oil and Gas Engineering at the University of Petroleum and Gas (UPG) in Ploiesti, has obtained outstanding results in three national and international competitions in which he participated, in the field in which he is studying.

First, he won the gold medal at the final stage of the World Youth Invention and Innovation Award (WYIIA), together with Andrei Raduta Petrescu, from the Polytechnics University of Bucharest, hosted by Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa (UST) of Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

What adds considerably to the value of the medal is that in eight sections (Energy and Engineering, Technology, Mathematics, Environment, Life Sciences, Physics, Education and Social Sciences), no less than 286 projects were submitted by more than 600 participants from the four corners of the world: United States of America, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Puerto Rico, Turkey, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Mexico etc.

“The project presented by the two Romanian students, entitled ‘HydroShift: Our Innovative Sector Coupling Strategy Aimed at Reducing GHG Emissions Within the Oil Industry’, essentially proposed an innovative strategy for coupling and optimising the oil industry sectors (refining, extraction, storage) by using hydrogen as a coupling element, highlighting, among other things, its major advantage: continuous production during periods of energy surplus, offering significant flexibility. This is a perfect link between the measure of knowledge and the size of ideas,” said PhD Prof. Eng. Lazar Avram, Dean of UPG.

Student Andrei Stefan Oprisescu Dulgheru also won, with his ‘ResoTech Climate Enhancers’ project, the final stage of the 7th edition of the GoBiz 2023 business idea competition, which took place during 9-12 November 2023 in Predeal.

The project, consisting of a simplified model of the physical phenomenon and a business plan, addresses the separation of components of a gas mixture by propagating a travelling acoustic wave, thereby creating a directed flow of lighter components away from the sound transducers.

Moreover, the project was declared eligible to participate in the final stage of the National Olympiad of Economists in Training (ONEF), edition 2023, which took place in Craiova, from 7 to 9 December 2023, where it won third place. Thus, he became the first student with a technical specialization to be placed on the podium in the history of the competition. The event brought together 86 participants representing 16 universities from Romania.

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