Modernization of gas infrastructure at Depomures storage facility completed

The Romanian Ministry of Energy, as competent authority for energy infrastructure projects of common interest, has announced the completion of an investment in the gas pipeline network related to Depomures gas storage facility, in Targu Mures.

The investment, worth RON 8.9mln, was carried out by Depomures and is part of the projects of common interest approved by the European Commission. The construction permit was issued by the Romanian Ministry of Energy in September last year.

This pipeline was designed for both gas injection in Depomures storage facility and for gas extraction and its delivery into the national gas transmission system.

“Although it seems a local project, it is extremely important for the entire national gas transmission system. This investment, completed and already operational, replaced an infrastructure more than 30-year-old. Often, during periods with peak consumption, there were situations in which gas stored there couldn’t be extracted and did not support to the full capacity the national transmission system. Through this investment, we eliminated these vulnerabilities in terms of gas supply in periods with high demand,” Energy Minister Anton Anton said.

The new pipeline has a length of over 3 kilometres and is designed to ensure a pressure of 100 bar. Depomures gas storage facility has a capacity of 300 million cubic metres.


About Depomures

Depomures SA Tg. Mures owns and operates a natural gas storage facility. SC Depomures SA Tg. Mures was founded in 2002 and is based in Targu Mures, Romania. SC Depomures SA Tg. Mures operates as a subsidiary of ENGIE SA.

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