Schlumberger and CNPC Logging to Manufacture Wireline Downhole Technology

Schlumberger has entered into a collaboration agreement with China Petroleum Logging Co. Ltd (CNPC Logging), a subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), to jointly manufacture wireline downhole technology in China. The agreement will strengthen the commercial and technical collaboration between the two companies and aligns with Schlumberger’s commitment to enable technology access in key basins.

The collaboration agreement will provide CNPC Logging with a license to manufacture fit-for-basin wireline technology. As part of the agreement, Schlumberger will support CNPC Logging on the manufacturing and sustaining activities for ThruBit through-the-bit logging technology at the CNPC Logging technology center in Xi’an, Shaanxi province.

“We are very pleased to continue evolving our relationship with CNPC Logging through this new technology access model, starting with ThruBit—one of our differentiated wireline technologies. This technology will enable CNPC Logging to significantly improve their logging capabilities in horizontal and vertical wells across all China basins. We look forward to continue working together with CNPC Logging to enhance value creation and performance through advanced wireline technologies,” Djamel Idri, Wireline president of Schlumberger, said.

“CNPC Logging and Schlumberger have entered into an agreement to begin the co-manufacture of ThruBit logging tools marking a historic milestone in the relationship between the two companies. With the growing number of horizontal wells undertaken by CNPC each year, the ThruBit platform has become essential to our reservoir evaluation strategy. In today’s low oil price environment, this partnership is more important than ever and this new business model will help us to achieve mutual benefits. I look forward to strengthening the collaboration between our management and technical teams, to continue delivering high-quality products in order to keep improving the efficiency and performance of the CNPC oilfields,” Li Jianhao, president of CNPC Logging, mentioned.


Full wireline measurement suite for logging geometrically complex and unstable wells

ThruBit through-the-bit logging services provide a unique conveyance platform for a set of nine slim formation evaluation tools to efficiently log difficult-to-access wells.

No longer are operators limited to time-consuming specialty conveyance or forgoing logging completely. A logging string comprising any number of the ThruBit services measurement tools can be conveyed through the drillstring and Portal pass-through bit to log the open borehole on wireline or as the drillpipe is tripped out of the hole.


How it works: Logging beyond gravitational descent

Eliminate additional trips and save rig time by deploying the toolstring and logging during hole conditioning.

1.The Portal pass-through bit is used to ream to TD to prepare the borehole for logging.

2.The driller pulls the bit off bottom to provide room for the logging toolstring, which is pumped through the drillpipe.

3.The toolstring is pushed through the Portal bit opening into the open borehole, where functionality is verified, and then the wireline is disconnected and removed from the drillpipe.

4.Logging in memory mode occurs as the pipe is tripped out of the hole.

5.Once logging is complete, the Portal bit at the end of the drillpipe and toolstring are pulled up into the casing.

6.A retrieval tool is lowered on wireline to latch onto the toolstring and return it to surface.

7.With the logging toolstring recovered from the drillpipe, drilling or other operations can resume while the logging data is reviewed.


Slim, multiconveyance logging portfolio

ThruBit services formation evaluation tools provide a complete set of logging measurements packaged in a small diameter of 2 1/8 in. The measurements range from the classic triple- and quad-combo suites through advanced offerings:

  • high-resolution laterolog;
  • spectral gamma ray;
  • dipole sonic;
  • borehole imaging.

Deployed in any combination, the ThruBit services tools meet your needs in slim holes and difficult borehole configurations and conditions.

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