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Terraverde Laboratory: Full Diagnosis of Industrial Oils

Terraverde Laboratory in Ploiesti, established in 2016 by Prahova-based businessman Dragos Magirescu, is the only one in the country with Romanian ownership that can fully diagnose industrial and automotive oils, working with clients such as Airbus, Romanian Automotive Registry, Higher Civil Aviation School or Ministry of Interior. The initial investment, which included the arrangement of the space and the necessary endowments, has reached the value of EUR 400,000.

“Automotive companies recommend that oil be changed at a certain number of kilometres, although it may be in normal parameters. By analysing the oil, we offer the possibility to change the oil to a much larger range, without this affecting the engine in any way, so that the budget allocated to oil change is greatly reduced. Impurities in oil can always be a risk. Heavy particles, such as dust, coloured particles and used metals, can cause abrasive wear, and soft particles can accumulate from old components of additives. Often, they are adhesive and cling to the vehicles or filters, preventing proper operation. We had oils that were used for another 5,000 kilometres compared to what the manufacturer required,” says Florin Aconstantinesei, Director of Terraverde Ploiesti Laboratory.

The company has been in the market for 3 years, but the team has an experience of over 25 years in the activity of physical and chemical analyses and testing of lubricants. “Every year we participate in exchanges of experience with similar foreign laboratories, conferences or work-shops, and each time our qualifications were at the level of those from abroad,” Florin Aconstantinesei added.

Terraverde Laboratory establishes a diagnosis based on oil analysis from lubricated mechanical components of vehicles and equipment (engines, gear units and hydraulic systems). Diagnosis can be done for industrial oils, motor oils, lubricants for wind energy units or oils used for agricultural and construction machinery.

The company’s clients include Romanian Automotive Registry, Higher Civil Aviation School, Airbus Romania, Eni Austria, Prista Oil, Lukoil Lubricants, Mol Romania, Castrol, Timken, Romgaz, Damen Shipyard, Thermoenergy Bacau, Cramele Hallewood, Veolia Iasi, Expert Petroleum Solutions, Remat Holding, Kastamonu and Bucharest Ambulance Service.

The company has 7 employees and ended 2018 with a turnover of RON 351,000. Terraverde Laboratory can do up to 80 daily tests, the cost of a basic test being RON 350. The customer is informed within 8-72 hours about the state of wear of the oil or even of every mechanical component of the vehicle, by comparison with hundreds of identical elements of the same family, or the existence of possible engine faults.


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