330 kV Chisinau Substation to Be Upgraded by a Group of Romanian Companies

The group of companies Siemens Energy – Electromontaj – Energotech, from Romania, was designated winner of the international tender to upgrade the 330 kV Chisinau substation (Republic of Moldova).

“Yet another important step for improving the country’s energy system infrastructure. The contract for upgrading the 330 kV Chisinau substation was signed today, with the group of companies Siemens Energy SRL – Electromontaj S.A. – Energotech S.A., designated winner of the international tender,” announced Andrei Spinu, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development in the Republic of Moldova.

The selected companies will be responsible for the design, supply, and installation of equipment to modernize the substation with a contract value of EUR 11,883,842.98. The planned implementation duration – two years and eight months.

The project is part of the process of interconnection of the country’s energy system to the European system. Therefore:

  • Consumers will benefit from competitive tariffs
  • There will be several opportunities for the development of a competitive energy market, at both national and regional level
  • The security of electricity supply will be increased

At the tender organized according to World Bank’s procedures, financier of the project, eight companies have participated, from several countries: Romania, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, India, Kazakhstan, and China.


Energy Strategy of the Republic of Moldova

The vision of the Republic of Moldova in the field of energy system development is set out in the Energy Strategy of the Republic of Moldova until 2030, which was approved by Government Decision no. 102 as of 05.02.2013.

The document represents the prioritisation of the country’s problems, calling for quick solutions and rescheduling/resizing of objectives in line with the need to achieve an optimal balance between: internal resources (the ones that are currently used and the ones envisaged), country’s emergency needs, EU and Energy Community objectives, as well as the national targets, international obligations towards treaties, agreements and programmes (also including the neighbourhood policy) of which the Republic of Moldova is a party.


Main objectives

  1. Ensuring the security of energy supply
  2. Creating competitive markets and their regional and European integration
  3. Maintaining environmental sustainability and combating climate change

The Energy Strategy of the Republic of Moldova considers 2020 as the year of full integration into the internal energy market of the EU.

In line with this objective, the country’s legislation shall be duly aligned with the Energy Community Acquis and converged with the EU Acquis, thus ensuring legal and regulatory compatibility with these markets.

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