Demonstration of Working under Voltage at the Transelectrica Polygon in Sibiu

Transelectrica focuses on strengthening the capabilities of Working Under Voltage (WuV), using the facilities of the WuV and lines Centre of Excellence in Sibiu, where the only polygon in the country dedicated to this technology operates. The polygon, equipped for complex Working Under Voltage processes and prepared for practical training, on September 8, 2022, hosted, in the presence of the Executive Board and Supervisory Board members of CNTEE Transelectrica SA, a demonstration of Working under Voltage, held by the specialized teams of SMART SA – Sibiu.

The electricians specially trained for such interventions carried out a work to replace a 220 kV support insulator, exemplifying two methods of reaching the potential, as well as an intervention at a connection clamp in the 400 kV substation.

Ensuring the maintenance of the power transmission grid and adopting the most efficient techniques for achieving it represent a strategic concern of CNTEE Transelectrica SA. The current requirements on the quality and continuity of electricity supply, the economic implications and the European obligations impose the use of new technologies with increased efficiency for the transmission and distribution activities in the energy field.

The polygon for working under voltage is the first part of an extensive project of Transelectrica started in 2017 and which was completed last year, with an investment of RON 5.7 million, from own funds. It provides WuV facilities for both electrical sub-stations and overhead power lines. Currently, the second stage of the investment is in progress, respectively the construction of the Centre of Excellence, which will include classrooms and laboratories for multi-spectral inspections and pilot project testing.

The WuV and lines Centre of Excellence will ensure the implementation of new technologies in power grids, including the professional training of the technical specialized personnel, as well as the training of specialists in the field of working under voltage for both Transelectrica and other entities in the country or abroad.


Working under Voltage

Working under Voltage technologies allow intervention on the elements of power lines and substations for repair or upgrade, without disconnecting the electrical installation.

Using the Working Under Voltage technology in the maintenance of the power grid brings a number of important long-term technical and economic benefits, such as reducing the own technological consumption and avoiding costs generated by congestion management. Also, the use of WuVe facilitates the increase in cross-border capacity. At the same time, major benefits are created for energy consumers and producers, which will benefit from continuous service.

In Romania, interest in this technology was shown since 1975, and the first Working Under Voltage at 400 kV was carried out in 1979, at the 98 pole of the 400 kV Overhead Power Line Sibiu Sud – Tantareni, by a team of power engineers from Sibiu. The tradition continued in Sibiu and since 2001 the WuV activity is carried out by the specializes from SMART SA Sibiu Branch.

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