Transelectrica to Reconfigure Energy System and Power Transmission Grid

20 Strategic Projects

Transelectrica is preparing itself for a reconfiguration of the energy system and of the power grid in line with the new directions established under the European legislative packages ‘Green Deal’ and ‘Fit for 55’. To ensure the gradual tradition to a carbon-neutral economy, the pace of development of the Power Transmission Grid (PTG) needs acceleration of investment implementation. Therefore, the company aims that the targets of achieving the investment plans exceed those already scheduled.

Over the past month, Transelectrica has analysed the status of projects and prepared an open list of 20 projects of national importance in the field of electricity, for which the simplification of implementation processes is required.

The current development of the Power Transmission Grid (PTG) requires expediting the stages of power infrastructure projects to provide gradual transition to a carbon-neutral economy. Energy transition requires a quick adaptation of the power transmission grid and intensification of its expansion pace provided in the 2020-2029 PTG Development Plan.

In this context, the Romanian Government has recently approved, at the proposal of the Secretariat General of the Government – the public supervisory authority of CNTEE Transelectrica SA, a Memorandum including an Action Plan of the Company providing for the implementation of investment projects essential for strengthening the Power Transmission Grid.

Moreover, several meetings have been organized lately between representatives of the Secretariat General of the Government, of the Ministry of Energy and of CNTEE Transelectrica SA. The discussions have led to the common conclusion on the need to simplify the process of implementation of some projects of national importance in the field of electricity.

Consequently, Transelectrica has prepared an open list of strategic projects, which will allow the flexibility of the Power Transmission Grid. The company’s proposal includes 20 projects, some of which are already in progress, for which it is necessary to accelerate the implementation pace.

  1. 400 kV Overhead Line (OHL) Portile de Fier – Resita
  2. 400 kV double circuit OHL Resita – Timisoara – Sacalaz – Arad
  3. 400 kV double circuit OHL Cernavoda – Stalpu, with input/output circuit in Substation Gura Ialomitei
  4. 400 kV double circuit OHL Smardan – Gutinas
  5. 400 kV OHL Gadalin – Suceava
  6. 400 kV OHL Suceava – Balti (Republic of Moldova)
  7. 400 kV OHL Medgidia Sud – Constanta Nord
  8. 400 kV OHL Isaccea – Tulcea Vest
  9. Underground Power Line (UPL) Bucharest South – Grozavesti
  10. 400 kV UPL Domnesti – Grozavesti
  11. 400/110 kV Substation Grozavesti
  12. Closing the 400 kV ring Bucharest – Ilfov, in the eastern area
  13. Reconductoring of the 400 kV OHL Bucharest South – Gura Ialomitei
  14. Reconductoring of the 400 kV axis Bucharest South – Pelicanu – Cernavoda
  15. Reconductoring of the 220 kV axis Gutinas – Dumbrava – Stejaru – Gheorgheni – Fantanele – Ungheni
  16. Reconductoring of the 220 kV axis Urechesti – Targu Jiu Nord – Paroseni – Baru Mare – Hasdat
  17. Reconductoring of the 220 kV OHL Portile de Fier – Resita, circuits 1 & 2
  18. Converting the 220 kV axis Brazi Vest – Teleajen – Stalpu to 400 kV and its reconductoring
  19. 400 kV OHL Stalpu – Brasov
  20. New alternating current and direct current lines discharging the onshore and offshore wind power output in Dobrogea region, namely the output generated by Unit 3 and Unit 4 of Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant, along the Tuzla – Podisor and Podisor – Corbu – Hurezani – Hateg – Recas – Horia – Nadlac routes

For this purpose, both central public authorities and Transelectrica will take steps in the near future to speed up the implementation of the above-mentioned projects, so that Romania reaches its European targets for the time horizon 2030-2050.

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