NGK Invests in Perovskite Solar Cell Spin-off from Kyoto University

NGK Insulators (NGK) has invested in EneCoat Technologies, which is involved in development of perovskite solar cells. EneCoat Technologies, a spin-off company from Kyoto University, is developing PCSs with greater power generation efficiency and durability and is engaged in establishing manufacturing process technologies to realize larger products that can be implemented in society.

Perovskite solar cells (PSCs) are a new type of solar cell that uses a material with a crystal structure called perovskite. PSCs are thinner and more light weight than conventional crystal silicon solar cells and feature flexibility, enabling them to be installed and generate power on curved surfaces and other places impossible for crystal silicon solar cells until now. Furthermore, PSCs can maintain a relatively high-power generation efficiency even in low light illumination such as on cloudy days or with indoor lights and are therefore expected to accelerate carbon neutrality as next-generation solar cells.

NGK is using this investment to work on establishing production technologies that will contribute to improving the quality of PSCs, seeking to discover the possibilities of working with NGK’s various types of storage batteries, and aiming to be a solution to achieve carbon neutrality.

The NGK Group regards carbon neutrality as a social issue to address under its mid- to long-term vision, NGK Group Vision: Road to 2050.

“We have also established a goal of ‘New Value 1000’ to achieve net sales of 100 billion yen from new businesses in 2030. To do so, we established Corporate NV (New Value) Creation in April and are proactively advancing the creation of new products and businesses in such ways as collaboration with outside alliances. Going forward, NGK will continue to contribute to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 by developing and providing various ceramic technologies and products,” NGK representatives noted.


NGK’s various types of storage batteries

  • NAS® batteries for power storage
  • ZNB® zinc rechargeable batteries
  • EnerCera® small, thin lithium-ion batteries


About NGK Insulators

NGK Insulators (NGK) is a leading company in the field of ceramics.

Since its foundation in 1919, NGK has used its unique ceramic technology to provide numerous ground-breaking products that solve social issues. Today, NGK is active in more than 20 countries worldwide, with business foci including mobility, energy, IoT and industry. As one of the largest manufacturers of ceramic substrates for automotive catalytic converters, NGK has built on this to also develop new products and businesses with ceramics that actively reducing the strain on our global environment.

Furthermore, NGK’s products include the energy storage system ‘NAS’ batteries, in addition to the compact, thin, and high-energy-density lithium-ion rechargeable battery ‘EnerCera’ line, vital tools for sustainable energy infrastructure.

NGK focuses on the two business fields ‘carbon neutrality’ and ‘digital society’ and is aiming to realize 80% of total company sales in these two fields whilst also achieving net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050. Through providing innovative, high-quality products, NGK is committed to contributing to our society. In order to create a future where people can coexist with nature, NGK will continue to develop and provide products that support social infrastructure while preserving the environment.

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