RenewAcad Completes 4th Training Course for Specialists in Green Jobs of the Future

RenewAcad, funded by OMV Petrom and implemented by the Equal Opportunity Foundation, with the support of RESS – Renewable Energy School of Skills, is a vocational training program designed to provide employees in the field of fossil fuel energy production with the skills needed to become specialists in green jobs, in line with current industry needs and global trends in sustainable development.

In Romania, in Rovinari (Gorj County), the event to mark the intermediate stage for the target of 100 specialists trained through vocational training courses and adaptation to the requirements of a growing sustainable economy, took place recently in the training centre set up within the Complexul Energetic Oltenia.

In the RenewAcad – Targu Jiu project, progress is evident and impressive, with the project quickly passing 50% of its target due to the high interest shown by over-enrolling up to three times more people who want to take these courses. Due to the large number of applications and the increased interest, a new training session for new groups of trainees is envisaged to be organised in September 2024.

So far, 54 people have successfully completed the vocational training courses. Of the 54 trainees, 11 have graduated from university, while the rest have completed high school or have attended post-secondary or vocational schools.

Regarding the occupational profile of the trainees, the predominant presence of electrical workers was noted: 16 electricians, maintenance and repair electricians or those involved in the operation of power plants and substations.

In addition, the group of trainees included other trades, such as locksmiths (12), operators (8), formation drivers (5), as well as specialists in various fields such as engineers, excavators, programmers, fuel shift supervisors, machinists and workshop managers.

In this context, the event marked the completion of the 4th vocational training course of the RenewAcad – Targu Jiu project, where 100 people from the coal industry will specialise in the installation of photovoltaic systems. This moment is a great achievement for all those involved.

The event was attended by representatives of investors in renewable projects in the area, as well as local and regional authorities and members of the local community. The event also provided opportunities for interaction and networking, facilitating the exchange of ideas and best practices in the field of renewable energy transition.


About the Equal Opportunity Foundation

The Equal Opportunity Foundation is dedicated to creating a better education and health environment for children and adolescents, including by supporting vocational training and retraining in future-oriented fields such as renewable energy.


About RESS – Renewable Energy School of Skills

RESS is the largest network of renewable energy training centres in Romania, providing accredited and authorised technical courses for vocational training in the field of renewable energy.

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