Romania’s First FALT SOLAR Roof

The future is already here, and the solar roof is revolutionizing the global roofing and solar energy market. The first FALT SOLAR roof in Romania, which provides energy for an entire house, has been installed in Paulesti, Prahova County.

FALT SOLAR is a roof with integrated photovoltaic cells and belongs to the BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) category. This category is completely different from the usual photovoltaic solution which involves installing photovoltaic panels on top of a roof. FALT SOLAR has one of the highest efficiencies in its category and is a modern and aesthetic solution.

FALT SOLAR is a combination of mono PERC cells, widely used in the photovoltaic industry, which are fully integrated into the high-quality steel material of a metallic roof. The partnership bringing FALT SOLAR to Romania is a combination of the knowledge of Roofit.Solar, an Estonian start-up appreciated in Europe for its innovation in solar technology, and Metigla’s expertise as a manufacturer of premium metal roofing solutions.

In the European Union, buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of carbon emissions. In order to achieve the EU’s climate targets, which state that from 2027 all new public and non-residential buildings, and from 2030 all new residential buildings must have zero emissions, Metigla is introducing to the Romanian market a solar roof with integrated photovoltaic cells, an innovative new product, a 2-in-1 roofing solution, suitable for any type of building, including heritage buildings.

“There is one aspect of our mission where we didn’t want to compromise: the aesthetics of the Metigla roof. We were looking for a partner, with whose support we could offer a solution that didn’t sacrifice the beauty of the house at the expense of solar technology. This is how we came to partner exclusively with Roofit.Solar, to provide Romanians with an innovative roofing solution. We are proud to install the first FALT SOLAR roof in Romania and we are confident that it will serve as an example for people and companies who want to adopt solar technology and contribute to protecting the environment. FALT SOLAR is not just a revolutionary roof that provides renewable energy, it is that roof that fits perfectly into the story of every home, like a well-tailored coat,” says Metigla’s General Manager Cristian Matasel.

Why install a new roof and then cover it with photovoltaic panels, when you have a 2-in-1 solution, photovoltaic cells integrated into the roof?

That’s the question Ana Ardelea asked herself when she started building the roof for her new house. At Metigla she found the perfect solution – FALT SOLAR by Roofit.Solar roof.

“It’s a great roof because I didn’t like solar panels on top of the roof and from the beginning of the construction, I chose FALT SOLAR. I’m thrilled to have the first roof of its kind in the country, with photovoltaic cells integrated into the Metigla roof. I can’t express how much I love it. My friends are also very excited and can’t wait to see how the whole system will work. With the solar roof, my house has green energy and looks extremely good. My neighbors did not even notice that my roof has integrated photovoltaic panels. I had an easy installation; everything took only one day. It’s a roof that pays for itself, I have a 25-year warranty, it looks great, and maintenance is nothing more than maintenance of a roof,” says Ana Ardelea, the owner of Romania’s first FALT SOLAR roof.

Metigla’s partner, Roofit.Solar, first started producing this roof in Estonia, and now more than 500 solar roofs are installed all over Europe, in countries such as Germany, Austria, Estonia, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Norway, and Latvia. The launch of the solar roof by Metigla aligns Romania with the European innovation trend. Andres Anijalg, co-founder and CEO of Roofit.Solar, came to Romania to assist with the installation of the first FALT SOLAR roof.

“The FALT SOLAR roof is as efficient as solar panels and is the product of the future for those building a new house or for those who want to replace their old roof,” says Andres Anijalg. “We came to Romania to assist with the first installation of this solar roof in Romania, and to be with our partner Metigla in this extraordinary premiere. Together, we want to help as many Romanian homes as possible to produce their own electricity through a roof with integrated photovoltaic cells. It is also very important to show roof installers how it works, and how to install it, an easy task by the way because it is performed exactly the same way as a regular standing seam roof. The only difference is that the cables now have to be connected under the roof. When we started developing the product in Estonia, we wanted to build and design roofs for our houses because we didn’t like the idea of a beautiful new roof with traditional solar panels on top. We wanted the photovoltaic cells to be integrated into the roof and produce an aesthetically attractive solar roof. This is actually the main idea behind this product,” added Andres.

About Metigla

Metigla is a family business that started 40 years ago in Belgium and has been present on the Romanian market since 2000. The organic and continuous growth of the product and service portfolio is based on innovation, premium quality, passion, and sustainability. Metigla is also present in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Congo.

Metigla is a company that constantly asserts its focus on innovation and technology, with attention to new construction trends. Metigla’s portfolio offers the highest quality metal roofing solutions for residential and industrial projects, rainwater systems, insulating panels, and galvanized profiles for buildings and solar park structures. The launch in Romania of FALT SOLAR, the roof with integrated photovoltaic cells, is a natural step in line with Metigla’s mission to cover the well-being of people and businesses with smart, sustainable, and innovative solutions.

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