ABB first robotics centre in Romania

ABB inaugurated on 14 December 2017 its robotics training centre recently set up by public-private partnership with the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, within the Faculty of Engineering and Management of Technological Systems, the Machines and Manufacturing Systems Department (MSP), Robotics Specialization. The fully equipped training centre will be used by both customers and partners of ABB and by the university students.

The new Training Centre will allow future engineers to benefit from advanced training in the field of robotic production systems and industrial automation. ABB has prepared specific course modules in collaboration with university professors, which are already integrated into the students’ curriculum. The training modules consist of a thorough study of ABB robots and their complementary systems from all points of view (mechanical, electrical, programming and command).

The ABB training centre is equipped with robots and a wide range of complementary industrial equipment with which the robots interact directly, namely: video equipment with 3D artificial cameras, dynamic tracking devices for conveyors with special encoder control, inductive sensors, flow switches for work holders movement and blade indexing, components for pneumatic automation (cylinders, dispensers etc.), grippers mounted on the robot flanges, perimeter protectors, stands for parts and accessories, a large screen for specialized projections, all ready to develop applications at a real industrial scale. All movements and interactions of the robots are monitored and the components communicate with one another through industrial protocols, such as Profibus, Profinet and through a high-performance PLC, interface modules Input/Output units and the HMI touch screen.

ABB has an installed base of more than 300,000 robots worldwide and of over 900 industrial robots in Romania alone. ABB is the market leader in robotics in Romania, the main robotic industrial applications including welding, painting, packaging, palletizing and various handling operations. ABB also provides preventive maintenance for the solutions implemented in Romania.

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