Beyond the Horizon: The Impact of Drones on Modern Society

By Anaida Paduraru

COMOTI – Romanian Research and Development Institute for Gas Turbines – is a leading research institution specializing in the development and innovation of turbomachinery technology. Established to support the aerospace, energy, and industrial sectors, COMOTI focuses on designing and testing advanced engines, compressors, and turbines. It is renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities and significant contributions to both national and international projects, fostering technological advancements and engineering excellence in the field of turbomachinery.

Located in Bucharest, COMOTI focuses on aircraft and industrial gas turbines and high-speed bladed machinery. The institute collaborates with major European companies like SAFRAN and ONERA, participating in numerous EU projects such as SILENCE(R) and VITAL. COMOTI’s capabilities include CFD simulation, 3D modelling, stress analysis and prototype production. They also contribute to energy efficiency, renewable energy, defence, and environmental projects, including Romania’s first cogeneration power plant with Pratt & Whitney Canada.

COMOTI’s UAV propulsion system department is at the forefront of innovation, continuously refining and introducing new drones with significant environmental and societal impacts geared towards civilian applications. Introducing TRANSCUMAT, COMOTI’s pioneering drone that spearheads the institute’s foray into unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) development. Weighing 16 kg with the camera as payload, TRANSCUMAT represents a milestone in COMOTI’s commitment to innovation and technological advancement in aerial technology. With a flight time of 20 minutes, this UAV strikes a balance between endurance and manoeuvrability, offering operators the flexibility needed for various tasks.


One of TRANSCUMAT’s standout features is its impressive autonomous control range of 5 km, coupled with a manual control range of 300 meters. This capability allows for versatile operation across different environments, ensuring efficient and effective mission execution. Additionally, the drone boasts a robust live video transmission range of 5 km, enabling real-time monitoring and data collection over vast areas, making it invaluable for surveillance.

Among its impressive lineup is the Enforcing UAV – Forest Eagle, a formidable aircraft tailored for forest monitoring and protection. With a weight of 15 kg and a flight time exceeding 3 hours, this drone is equipped with advanced features such as four onboard microphones and an autopilot system. Its ability to autonomously patrol forests and detect the sound of chainsaws aids in combating illegal logging activities, while also providing valuable data for environmental conservation efforts.


In addition to the Forest Eagle, COMOTI introduces the EVOTURBO – Spark, a lightweight yet high-speed drone designed for agile reconnaissance missions. Weighing just over a kilogram, this drone boasts a flight time of 25 minutes and can reach speeds up to 200 km/h. Its exceptional thrust-to-weight ratio enables rapid manoeuvrability, making it an ideal choice for tasks requiring swift aerial surveillance, such as emergency response or monitoring large areas for environmental changes.


COMOTI offers the EVOTURBO – Dracon, a long-endurance drone equipped with advanced imaging capabilities. With a flight time of 57 minutes and a payload featuring the WIRIS SECURITY system, including Full HD 30x optical zoom, IR camera and Night Vision, the Dracon is optimized for surveillance and reconnaissance missions. Its autonomous flight capability enhances efficiency and precision in data collection, making it a valuable asset for various applications, from border security to wildlife monitoring.

The UAV Propulsion Systems Department at COMOTI is presently engaged in the development of solutions for hybrid propulsion system for unmanned aerial vehicles. This system integrates a thermal engine with an electric power generator. The entire assembly converts the thermal energy produced by the thermal engine into electrical power, which can be utilized by the UAV and its components. This innovative solution addresses several challenges, including significantly extending the UAV’s autonomy from minutes to hours and enabling operation at higher altitudes.

Through these innovative drone solutions, COMOTI demonstrates its commitment to leveraging technology for the greater good. By addressing pressing societal and environmental challenges, such as illegal logging and environmental monitoring, COMOTI’s drones play a crucial role in safeguarding our planet’s resources and enhancing the efficiency of various industries and domains. With ongoing research and development efforts, COMOTI continues to lead the way in advancing aerial technology for the benefit of society and the environment alike.

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