New Smart City solutions for Alba Iulia

With a number of 60 projects, in which companies such as Siemens, Orange, Microsoft, Schreder, Direct One, Philips, Vegacomp Consulting are involved, Alba Iulia ranks first among cities carrying out smart projects in Romania. Thus, one of the most ambitious projects for the transformation of a city into a smart one belongs to Alba Iulia municipality.

According to the local publication, the companies mentioned above are joined by Intrarom, Flashnet, Delphi Electric.

The new smart solutions are intended to traffic monitoring and public parking spaces in the city. One of them proposes a system with ultrasonic sensors mounted on lighting poles, to help identify motor vehicles in car parks and monitor car and pedestrian traffic, as well as devices with alert buttons that can trigger emergency health or public safety emergencies.

The list of projects proposed for approval in the meeting of the Local Council includes three proposals of smart solutions for the city of Alba Iulia.


Intrarom project – Full package of sustainable solutions for smart cities, implemented at street level

The package includes three intelligent LEF56W lamps with pre-installed communication and gateway controllers and integrated radio antennas. Each will have a built-in control module to help adjust light intensity.

The entire system can be monitored through the uiTOP platform. It can manage solutions for lighting, mobility (traffic, parking), environment, safety (alert buttons), smart homes, public transport, energy, utilities, health.

Thus, a smart and effective lighting system is tested, as well as the quality of ultrasound sensor systems for parking and traffic, environment and alert sensors, the multi-sensor management platform.

The benefits invoked are reducing energy and public lighting maintenance costs, the efficient use of public parking.

The exchange of information between sensors in the field and the platform is done in a secure manner, through radio communications. The beneficiary can manually trigger operations of turning off/on the light, adjusting light intensity, from the mobile phone, laptop or tablet.

Intrarom will provide all the operational and maintenance data necessary for the operation of the equipment and applications provided, and the solution works for a period of 6 months.


Philips Lighting project – Smart and energy efficient lighting

It’s about the installation of 10 high power (104W), high quality (3000K colour) and energy efficient LEDs, 8 GSM access control kits that can be used with current lamps. For remote management, the solution used is City Touch – a centralized intelligent control system for public lighting, with cloud system and secure multi-user access on PC or tablet terminals and communication encrypted in the GSM network. It provides: Individual light connection and control, light intensity control scenario programming and control/reports on consumption or potential malfunctions; automatic registration of new lamps in the system. Estimated reductions in electricity consumption are over 40%.

The project mentions that the action of controlling the intensity of light on poles can be done, for example, by the Local Police.

Installation and testing are provided in collaboration with Flashnet (lighting service operator in Alba Iulia).

Currently, there are already 10 LED lighting devices and 8 kits one each conventional lighting device. The system reports through e-mail/sms and automatically records potential malfunctions or errors in operation.

The total investment value is estimated at approximately EUR 10,000.


Delphi Electric project – installing a state-of-the-art green-tech system at a nursery in the city

The company makes available a Solar Box 1 thermo-dynamic solar system for domestic hot water preparation. It will be installed at a nursery with extended program within the locality. The system will be tested at the pre-school home because it has extensive operation and requires large volumes of hot water.

The system will have a high yield of at least 9 months per month and includes:

  • anodized aluminium solar panel, dimensions 200x80x3 cm, 8 kg, lifetime 25 years; it will be installed on the roof of the building with south exposure;
  • thermodynamic block of 37x32x44 cm, with compressor, condenser, recirculating pump, expansion valve, control system; it will be installed inside.

The objective of the project is to reduce the costs of the domestic hot water heating system, system efficiency testing and low energy consumption. The implementation cost is RON 10,000 (VAT included).


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