Profit Optimization for Stationary Energy Storages with Battery Analytics

Battery analytics software company TWAICE announced its latest solution for the energy market: The Operating Strategy Planner for stationary energy storages. The first customers to leverage this optimization for their storage operation are leading utilities. Amidst margin pressure, multi-use operation is becoming common place and understanding battery aging is crucial for financial success.

TWAICE provides predictive analytics software that optimizes the development and operation of batteries. For the energy sector this means enhanced transparency and predictability of stationary battery storages. The results are optimized storage operations and reduced technology risks. The battery experts are now expanding their portfolio with an Operating Strategy Planner, a surefire method to extract maximum profit from stationary energy storages.

Major utility companies are among the first customers to connect to the Operating Strategy Planner. According to Stephan Rohr, Co-CEO at TWAICE, others will soon follow suit: “There has been huge interest in the Operating Strategy Planner, which empowers owner and operator decision-making to deliver significant increases in return on investment for energy storage portfolios. We are delighted to have major utilities as first customers of this cutting-edge new product”.

Batteries are pivotal to the success of renewable energy. Their capacity to store and generate energy on demand is unique. It makes them a vital element of the storage solutions required to stabilize grids in the face of fluctuating and decentralized energy generation. As highly complex systems, batteries must be expertly managed if optimum performances are to be consistently delivered. The key: transparency into battery aging behavior.

Stationary energy storage use cases and operational constraints have differing effects on battery degradation. This has a large impact on the individual business case and risk profile. The TWAICE Operating Strategy Planner enables users to create scenarios and conduct sensitivity analyses for different use cases and boundary conditions. They can compare the scenarios and find the optimum and learn how long the storage will last with the selected strategy.

The software empowers storage operators and owners to achieve optimal returns under consideration of battery health. This means deploying sophisticated multi-use strategies and identifying the right mix, for example of intraday trading and frequency response. The algorithms that market the capacity of battery storages are provided with the most profitable boundary conditions for operation. The opportunity costs of each trade can be assessed, and the profits are maximized. All of this, while reducing the overall risk of unexpected battery aging over the lifetime.

TWAICE provides analytics software that optimizes the development and operation of lithium-ion batteries. TWAICE’s core technology is a software that combines deep battery knowledge and artificial intelligence to determine the condition and predict the aging and performance of batteries. As the leading battery analytics software for players in the mobility and energy sectors, TWAICE is committed to increasing the lifetime, efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of the products that power the economy of tomorrow.

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